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Get Your Motors Running Reader/Author event is a unique experience. Twenty outstanding NYT and USAT best selling authors come together to welcome readers, dine, play games and sell books.

GYMR welcomes readers inside a unique venue, The Automobile Gallery in Green Bay Wisconsin. Nestled among more than 100 classic and beautifully restored cars, authors will dine with readers for lunch, enjoy key note speaker, Tina De Salvo, give away baskets, share dinner, play Singo and host a book sale. Sure to be a fun filled day!


The Automobile Gallery & Event Center
400 S. Adams Street
Green Bay, WI 54301
United States


Apr 23, 2022 - Starts at 10:00 AM


Our charity is Friends Fight Together.

Friends Fight Together is the brainchild of Keynote speaker Tina DeSalvo, who herself is a breast cancer survivor and passionate about helping women and men understand about self and early detection, treatment and resources.

During Get Your Motors Running, we'll be holding a basket raffle. Raffle baskets donated by readers and authors and any community members who would like to donate and all proceeds will go to benefit Friends Fight Together, in partnership with HSHS, a local hospital system. All proceeds will stay within the Green Bay community and all money donated will be earmarked for unmet needs.

Unmet needs include but are not limited to gas cards to help patients get to and from treatment; grocery cards to help alleviate the financial burdens of missing work while going through treatment; the same with assistance with energy bills; prosthetics and wigs, etc. A representative from HSHS will be present to receive the money during Get Your Motors Running.

More information about Tina and Friends Fight Together can be found at:


Tickets go on sale October 15, 2021 at 12:00 PM

Meet the Authors

Tina DeSalvo

Keynote Speaker

PJ Fiala

USA Today Bestselling Author

Gracie Guy

Valerie J. Clarizio

USA Today Bestselling Author

Kelle Z. Riley

Sharon Hamilton

New York Times Bestselling Author

Tracy Solheim

USA Today Bestselling Author

Melanie James

Gwyn McNamee

Nancy Naigle

USA Today Bestselling Author

KaLyn Cooper

USA Today Bestselling Author

Tina Susedik

Denise Swanson

New York Times Bestselling Author

Catherine Bruns

USA Today Bestselling Author

Tonya Kappes

Rachel Rivers


Proudly sponsored by:

Hot rod
Model A

Interested in becoming a sponsor?

Classic $500

Name on the GYMR website, event banners, Memory Books and 2 general admission tickets, 2 Singo tickets and your own personal banner can be placed at the entrance of the Automobile Gallery

Hotrod $200

Name on the GYMR website, event banners and memory books

Coupe $150

Name on the GYMR website, event banners, 2 Singo Tickets and 2 general admission tickets

Convertible $100

Name on the GYMR website, event banners, 4 general admission tickets

Model A $50

Name on the GYMR website and event banners

Interested in becoming sponsor? Get in touch.

Can't make it to the event but would still like to donate?

Money raised for Friends Fight Together will be donated to the HSHS St. Vincent's Cancer Centers and is earmarked for cancer patients "Unmet Needs". Unmet needs are things the insurance companies do not support such as assistance with gas cards to get to treatment. Grocery gift cards to help with food items since patients often have to take off work to receive treatments, and wigs or prosthetics that are needed. All proceeds from this event for Friends Fight Together will be kept within our community, so it will stay local.

The Schedule

Saturday, April 23, 2022

Reader Tickets

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