Believing Becca, RAPTOR Book Six

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A RAPTOR Operative on a mission.
A hacker who could destroy everything.
And the extraordinary effort to resist one another that conversely brings them closer to each other and death.

Deacon is tracking down a known child trafficker who’d slipped through his grasp. A pesky hacker has caught his attention and has the potential to destroy his mission. When this hacker turns out to be a gorgeous amateur on a path she knows nothing about, her life is threatened.

Becca Bentley a remarkable hacker and a novice crime solver. Breaking into people’s hidden bank accounts is child’s play for Becca. Unfortunately, her lack of crime fighting experience gets noticed by a killer who has turned his attention to her. Now she must rely on the badass operative who is threatening to stop her investigation just when she’s on to something big.

Her biggest challenge yet is to convince Deacon to believe in her and help before it’s too late.

1 review for Believing Becca, RAPTOR Book Six

  1. 5 out of 5

    donna bach

    5 stars
    Team Bravo: Cyber Intelligence

    Deacon Smythe is an expert on computers and communications and is a part of RAPTOR. They are in Florida tracking down a known child trafficker who has gotten away before but they have a hacker that is in their way. So they have pinpointed the area of the hacker and have found the person-Becca Bentley.
    Becca lost her sister and it had to do with the trafficking and wants the people responsible to go to jail. When she is confronted by Deacon she puts up a front and then runs. Deacon is trying to get info from her without saying much about their operation but she wants to know who he’s tracking and why. They each have to learn to trust the other. Becca is a software engineer so she decides to help and show them what she has found.
    Will they find who they are looking for?

    Another great book from this series. Can’t wait for the next one!

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