Defending Bridget, GHOST Book Five

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A GHOST agent fighting the demons of their past.
An expert markswoman determined to save her son.
And the enemies hellbent on tearing them apart.

Needing an outlet from the pain of his past, Axel Dunbar finds salvation in the Army, fighting for his country. Now, eight years later, his strength and security comes as a GHOST agent, righting the wrongs of the world. He’s used to getting down and dirty and cleaning up other people’s messes, but when the latest mess is his own, everything changes.

Wounded veteran and expert markswoman Bridget Byrnes is a self-sufficient and strong single mother–even with enemies trying to throw her off her game. But running into the man who stole a piece of her heart years ago is more than she ever imagined. He’s still the sexy, strong, and irresistible man she remembers. And this time, he’s not going anywhere. With a madman hellbent on revenge, her life is in danger. Axel will do anything to DEFEND BRIDGET.

2 reviews for Defending Bridget, GHOST Book Five

  1. 5 out of 5


    5. Book 5: Defending Bridget:5 stars
    I purchased a copy of the post-military romantic suspense Defending Bridget: Ghost book 5 by PJ Fiala and this review was given freely.
    Regrets, attraction and a dream fulfilled occur in this action and danger-packed story where coincidence reunites Axel Dunbar with the woman he has dreamed of for five years, ex-army sharpshooter and single mother Bridget “Irish” Barnes, only to almost lose her again because of a secret and the return of a human trafficking ring.
    Contains a touch of steam and a good update on the expanding GHOST family.

  2. 5 out of 5

    donna bach

    Axel and Bridget met 5 yrs ago in a bar while he was on a mission and they haven’t seen each other since that night. Even though the chemistry is off the charts, when she ends up pregnant the name he gave her at the time was a man in prison and she wanted no part of that for her son.
    Almost 5 yrs have passed and she is in town for her friends baby shower and as she is leaving, she is kidnapped by a group into human trafficking. Enter the Ghost team.
    There are secrets to be uncovered, lots of danger and suspense add in some twists and turns, the book will keep you on the edge.

    5 stars

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