Defending Isabella, GHOST Book Six

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A GHOST operative who loves the thrill.
A doctor who will do anything for her brother.
And the danger and passion that ignites their spark.

Dr. Isabella Martinez will do anything to help others. Walking away from her brother, who dabbles on the wrong side of the law, was one of the hardest things she’s ever done. But after her brother disappears, Isabella must enlist the help of the sexy stranger she meets at a wedding to locate him before it’s too late.

GHOST operative Josh Masters loves his life and the excitement of his job. Taking down criminals one by one is a thrill of a lifetime. But when he meets the gorgeous and fun doctor, he’s looking for more than just a thrill. Helping Isabella find her brother is only the start. After all, he’ll do anything to DEFEND ISABELLA.

2 reviews for Defending Isabella, GHOST Book Six

  1. 5 out of 5


    6. Book 6: Defending Isabella: 5stars
    I received a free copy of the steamy post-military novel Defending Isabella: Ghost book 6: Josh and Isabella by PJ Fiala and this review was given freely.
    A budding tender yet steamy instant attraction romance combined with family drama, gun trafficking, and a vacation gone array. Provides a good introduction to PTSD suffering Diego as well as seamless blending excerpts with the close-knit Indiana Ghost family.
    When two El Paso, Texas bachelor parties merge, forty-year-old Ghost Operative Josh Masters finds himself bringing the drunk Eric Martinez home on his wedding day, invited to the Mexican’s wedding, attracted to Eric’s sister, Texas Doctor Isabella Martinez, and coming to the aid of her other brother Mateo.

  2. 5 out of 5

    donna bach

    GHOST Series #6

    Josh Masters is a GHOST operative who is on vacation in Texas for the wedding of one of his military friends. While out partying he runs into another bachelor party where the groom is falling down drunk. Josh and his friends are invited to the wedding and wanting to make sure the groom gets home ok, they jump on the bus for a ride into Mexico to deliver him safely home. Little did Josh know his life was gonna change forever when he got to the groom’s family home and he saw Dr. Isabella Martinez, the groom’s sister. He was totally smitten.
    What Josh wasn’t expecting was getting caught up in helping Isi’s brother Mateo after he was kidnapped.
    Along with his GHOST operatives and his military friend Diego this becomes a mission to help the Martinez family. Can Josh keep Isabella safe and can they get Mateo back before more harm comes to him? There’s the attraction between Josh and Isabella but they have different lives and live far away from each other, will it work out?

    Another great book in this series with lots of suspense and some twists. Can’t wait for the start of Raptor’s and Diego’s story.
    5 stars

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