Defending Keirnan, Lynyrd Station Protectors – Special Ops, Book One Audiobook

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Don’t miss this page-turning, fast-paced story from PJ Fiala and the prequel to GHOST.

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GHOST: Government Hidden Ops Specialty Team. They eliminate the threat when no one else can.

There are only two things important to GHOST operative Dane Copeland—his five-year-old daughter and his top-secret job undertaking crucial missions involving national security. He doesn’t need, want, or have time for anything else.

Especially not for Keirnan Vickers, his daughter’s new kindergarten teacher. Yeah, she’s got a tender heart, and wants to repair and grow the town’s library. And yeah, she’s attracted his attention in a way no one else has in years.

But they’re too completely different—she’s too caught up in the books she loves, and he’s definitely too rough to be a Prince Charming—for anything to ever form between them.

Despite how he burns every time she’s nearby.

But when unexpected dangers close in on Keirnan, distance is the last thing on Dane’s mind. This warrior will protect her from the threat and make sure she gets the fairytale happily ever after she deserves.


Entire series complete!

USA Today bestselling author PJ Fiala brings you the full and complete GHOST series—heroes willing to sacrifice everything in service to their country, and for the women they love. Full length novel with no cliffhanger, no cheating, and a happily-ever-after guaranteed.

12 reviews for Defending Keirnan, Lynyrd Station Protectors – Special Ops, Book One Audiobook

  1. 4 out of 5

    Nicole (Nicky) Ortiz

    This is the prequel where we learn how GHOST was collaborated. Dane is now retired from the Army and trying to figure out what to do next in his life while raising his daughter with the help of his mom after the loss of his wife. While dropping off his daughter he meets Keirnan his daughters teacher and there is an instant connection. Keirnan brings a spark into his life he hasn’t felt in a long time. As they start a relationship things start to happen that have Dane wanting to protect and keep her safe. When Keirnan is suddenly kidnapped Dane teams up with Keirnan’s dad and some military friends to get her back. Wonderful love story with a combination of action and suspense. I look forward to reading more from this series.

    I received an ARC and volunteered to leave a review.

    I have listened to the audio of this and the narrators did an excellent job telling the story. I enjoyed it when I read it and liked it even more with the characters are given a voice.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Patty R (verified owner)

    It is so easy to fall into PJ Fiala’s worlds. This is the first book in the Ghost series, and I can’t wait to continue. Swoony romance mixed with military romantic suspense, I am hooked! Meet Keirnan. Teacher to the adorable Emerson, she meets Dane, the single dad! Warm and handsome, immediately, he gives her butterflies. Dane too is attracted to this sweet woman, and it is the first time in a long time someone gives him that feeling of wanting more. But danger is lurking, first in the library, now on the streets. Will Dane be able to keep her safe? Why is she being targeted? Will his special ops training be enough? Yes, this is exciting and fast paced, just what I love! And Emmy is a scene stealer! So cute! I loved this, loved finding out the history behind Ghost and absolutely fell in love with this couple! Bring on the next book! I am ready!

    How to make it better you ask? Troy Duran and Rose Dioro are our hosts to storytelling and this team is a favorite! They understand Fiala’s characters and know how to bring them to life. Duran gives all the feels with Dane. From daddy to special ops, he kept me knowing what Dane was going through with his voice. Keirnan is darling, and from the start, Dioro gives us the sweet, elementary teacher feel. But then she gives us her strength, fearlessness and will to survive! Love these two and the stories they tell! It’s a wonderful listen.

  3. 4 out of 5

    Lisa H (verified owner)

    This is a fast paced story. The action, relationships and mystery all move along at a good speed. I really enjoyed getting to know the two main characters. Kiernen is so sweet and kind..exactly what I expect from a teacher. Dane is rugged, handsome and struggles with feelings. He is a great single dad and watching me with his child is wonderful. The suspense is what kept me going in this story. Who, when, where and why are all covered.

    I did listen to this on audio. Troy Duran and Rose Dioro are the narrators. They both do a wonderful job. A couple of my favorite narrators.

  4. 3 out of 5

    Lindy Dierks (verified owner)

    I received this audiobook in exchange for an honest review. This one was a solid story with a good ending. The audiobook narrators did a great job of telling the story. As far as external conflict/danger the characters faced, this book had a good storyline. I kept reading to know who was after Kieran and why.
    However, if I’m being honest, I feel as if something was greatly missing in this story. There just wasn’t any internal character conflict or growth for either the hero or the heroine. The characters were just going through the motions facing this danger. I couldn’t feel them falling in love. The author just told me they were falling in love. The story didn’t bring out any emotion in me as the reader. I wanted to feel so much more for these characters and root for them as a couple as they faced this danger. Unfortunately, it was quite there for me. I appreciate the opportunity to review this audiobook.

  5. 4 out of 5

    DarcyLovesLiza (verified owner)

    3.5 ⭐️s overall…solid series starter, but romance somewhat disappoints

    🎧 Narration: 4 ⭐️s
    📖 Story: 3 ⭐️s

    Fiala’s first book in the G.H.O.S.T series does well establishing the frame for future installments to complete with perhaps some hints as to future heroes. However, as contained story, though DF provides an interesting mystery/kidnapping plot, the romance disappoints in some ways.

    Dane, our hero, is a a plus. He exhibits some depth and his relationship with his daughter and mother, showcase his positive character traits like care and protectiveness. And though not without flaws, he is definitely the best thing, character-wise about this book. Troy Duran’s performance only augments the reader’s enjoyment when we are in Dane’s P.O.V. His delivery also added to the effective pacing of the mystery elements. Duran just has one of those voices that makes you want curl up and listen for hours regardless of genre, and he definitely kept me going.

    As for the heroine, I just did not connect her; Keirnan had some character traits which frustrated me and which often made her strike as a bit of throwback. In fact, the views of womanhood presented across multiple characters here were limiting (and also reflects one of Dane’s few flaws). The trope of the stained deceased spouse is cliche and does a disservice to her and the family she built with Dane. The way in which K is then integrated into that dynamic doesn’t help to temper that problematic presentation, and just gives the reader/listener the sense that she will be yet another woman Dane will put on a pedestal. This only further undermines her character and any nuanced view of a grounded relationship. Rose Dioro’s vocal performance is a redeemable force here, doing an admirable job of making some of the pap in K’s head bearable. Dioro is another one of those narrators who can make a listener forgive the more trying parts of a character. Both she and Duran are well-cast here.

    Overall, this is definitely a book that benefits from listening and allowing the performance to do some heavy-lifting as far as the romance elements are concerned. Still, Fiala sets up an intriguing series frame, and provided heroines have more nuance moving forward, and the heroes can be all in for the heroines without over-idealizing them, future installments should make for an compelling journey.

    I received and ALC via Home Cooked Books. All opinions are my own.

  6. 5 out of 5

    Kristie Galindo (verified owner)

    This is my first read/listen from PJ Fiala and I really enjoyed this suspense romance. Dane is a single dad and is doing his best care for his daughter and protect others. He has an instant attraction to Kiernan and wants to protect her from the danger she is facing. Kiernan is a wonderful school teacher who loves her job, but someone is out to get her. She has an immediate connection with Dane and Emmy – his daughter. This is a fast paced, action packed book that will keep you on your toes guessing who the bad guy(s) are. Rose Dioro and Troy Duran deliver a great performance. They bring great emotion, voice variation and personality to each character. They are first time narrators for me and I really enjoyed their voices.

  7. 4 out of 5

    Tricia (verified owner)

    Defending Kiernan. I really like that Kiernan is a teacher and that Dane instantly felt the need to protect her. I also like that Kiernan already knew and loved Dane’s daughter, Emerson. This is the type of book you listen to and at the end you say “Give me more dangit.” The author is new to me and I really like her. This book grabbed my attention and didn’t let go, I wanted more to this story. The narrator’s really brought this book to life, they did such a great job. I will definitely have to finish the rest of the series.

  8. 4 out of 5

    Linda V. (verified owner)

    This is my first read from the author and I enjoyed it. Dane is a single dad whose wife died 4 years ago. He’s recently left the military as Special Ops and is figuring out what he wants to do. Kiernan is a sweet schoolteacher who loves her community and comes from a military family. She meets Dane as he picks up his daughter from school and there is instant attraction. The author weaves a tale of suspense that puts Kiernan in the crosshairs and Dane must use his training to protect her. The chemistry is 🔥 🔥!

    I did have an ALC and the narration was just fantastic! Troy Duran was the perfect Dane. Rose Dioro brought the sweet voice of Kiernan to life! 5 star performances from this duo.

  9. 4 out of 5

    Janine B. (verified owner)

    First in series this one has a bunch of great elements:
    – Romantic Suspense
    – Single Dad
    – Instant Connection
    – Love After Loss
    – Former Military/Protection

    Dane is newly out of the military finding a new routine in life with his daughter and trying to figure out what comes next.

    Keirnan is a teacher with a passion for fostering a love of reading in children.

    When these two meet they both have an immediate connection that they start to explore slowly. However when things start to go sideways and Kiernan is in danger, the pace of the relationship picks up.

    The audiobook was performed by Rose Dioro and Troy Duran. They both did a great job performing. Rose brought out a big range of emotions for Keirnan. She’s kind and gentle with kids (including Dane’s daughter), she’s strong and quick thinking when in conflict. Troy is able to be vulnerable and show big strong Dane’s fears in the most stressful moments as easily as his protective and passionate alpha moments.

    Because of the inner conflict Dane has over his wife’s passing, there is a complexity in moving on and falling in love again. The story approaches this well and I was quite satisfied with how genuine it felt from both characters and the narrators.

    I requested and was provided a copy of the audiobook. These are my honest opinions.

  10. 3 out of 5

    Naty (verified owner)

    The audiobook is good with a pair of good narrators, Troy Duran and Rose Dioro make a great job with a story with simple plot. For me it lacks of deep feelings and strong emotions and is very predictable. Kieran and Dean are liakable characther but they probably can be further developed.

  11. 4 out of 5

    Candy (verified owner)

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ out of 5️⃣ for Story
    🌶️ out of 5️⃣ for spice
    🔈🔈🔈🔈 out of 5️⃣ for narration

    🚨 Ex-Special Ops
    🚨 Instant Love Connection
    🚨 Sweet Romance
    🚨 Single Dad
    🚨 Romantic Suspense

    Defending Keirnan was a story I didn’t think I was going to enjoy but boy was I wrong! The Audiobook was so good that there was no way that I wasn’t going to thoroughly enjoy. Troy Duran narrated our MMC, Dane. While Rose Dioro narrated our MFM, Kieran. Both of them crushed their roles! Holy crap!! The cute little story, gets crazier and crazier as the book continues and it’s so refreshing to hear that the narrators are able to follow along with the story!

    Troy’s voice was perfect for Dane, who is a dad, the hero, the protector in the book. His smooth and raspy voice really did things to me and made me fall in love with Dane’s character. Rose was amazing at portraying the innocence that Keirnan has. They really worked well together and that added to the experience of the audiobook.

    The book was really well written with a love story blooming and then so many curveballs thrown that have me rooting for their happily ever after. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and was super happy with its ending.

  12. 4 out of 5

    Shannon Williams (verified owner)

    I’m a New Fiala Fan!
    Never read anything by P.J. Fiala before, but I loved Book 1 of the GHOST series. “Defending Keirnan is sexy and suspenseful, and I love the developing relationship between Dane, Keirnan and little Emerson. Troy Duran—who is one of my favorite male narrators ever—does an amazing job bringing this story to life for me, and Rose Diorio brings an innocence that works so well with the sweet school teacher, Keirnan. Cannot wait to read more from this series!

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