Defending Yvette, GHOST Book Four

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A GHOST operative who’s badass and strong.
An innocent woman who knows too much.
And the mission that threatens them all….

Inquisitive and friendly Yvette Jacobson uncovers too much. She fears she must find sanctuary–or never live to tell the tale. But with nowhere to go and nobody to trust, Yvette makes a call that changes everything.

GHOST operative Wyatt Lawson loves his job. He’ll do anything for his boss–especially when the mission includes a sexy and irresistible woman. Saving the terrified Yvette from a monster determined to destroy her is his top priority. Teaching her to protect herself is the only option as this enemy will stop at nothing until Yvette can’t tell the secrets she’s harboring. But falling for Yvette just may be the best perk of the job Wyatt loves. And none of that matters until he can safely DEFEND YVETTE.

2 reviews for Defending Yvette, GHOST Book Four

  1. 5 out of 5


    4. Book 4: Defending Yvette: 5 stars
    I received a free copy of the steamy post-military romantic suspense Defending Yvette G.H.O.S.T series book 4 by PJ Fiala and this review was given freely.
    This is a wonderfully complex mix of drama and suspense containing multifaceted characters, steamy interludes, and emotionally touching scenes. As Gage and Sophie’s wedding approaches, newlywed Jax’s abused best friend from childhood, thirty-six-year-old Yvette Jacobson, flees Florida and her abusive boyfriend to seek protection in the Indiana GHOST compound where widowed medic and estranged father, Wyatt Lawson battles with his attraction to Yvette and his regret over his distant relationship with his eighteen-year-old daughter Dany. Contains some violence and the themes of personal piercings and human trafficking.

  2. 5 out of 5

    donna bach

    I was hooked from the very beginning. Yvette was beat up by her ex-boyfriend because she found out info that she wasn’t suppose to, and he threatened to kill her. So she calls her best friend Jax who works for the GHOST group and promises that she will help her if she can stay alive long enough to get there. She is picked up at the airport by Wyatt who is also a GHOST member, at 6’7 he’s scary.
    Wyatt is enjoying his life in GHOST but also has struggles, one of which is his daughter Dany.
    Then along comes this beat up women, Yvette who turns to him to teach her to defend herself and his life gets more complicated.
    The GHOST group has decided to look into Yvette’s ex’s activity while a wedding is also being planned.
    There is drama, suspense, action, laughter and maybe new love.

    I really enjoy Patti’s books and can’t wait to catch up with her other characters.

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