Finding His Jewel Audiobook

USD $9.99

You’ve met Ford and Lincoln, now it’s time to meet Dodge and Jax!  Get ready for a ride.


You’ve met Ford and Lincoln, now meet Dodge as he learns to deal with the sassy Jax Masters.

Former military operative determined to crack a case 
A special agent hellbent on revenge.
Together, they’ll uncover more than vicious criminals.

Closing in on cracking his case, GHOST operative Dodge Sager is on a mission to locate a rare and precious stolen diamond. The last thing he needs is a dark-haired and sexy woman worming her way into his case–or his heart.

Determined to take down her brother’s killer, Special Operative Jax Masters will stop at nothing to uncover the truth. But teaming up with the most stubborn and hot GHOST operative on their crew is not part of her plan. There’s no way she can “dodge” their chemistry and still finish her task at hand. Will Dodge find his jewel while holding on to the most valuable gem of all? 



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