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An operative shot in the line of duty.
An EMT with a huge secret.
And the ultimate explosion of consequences and hearts.

Injured but determined to help his fellow operatives, Falcon Montgomery is fighting for all their lives. He’s also battling a pesky EMT who is putting both of their lives at risk. RAPTOR is so close to capturing this criminal and Falcon cannot stop until he’s caught.

Kori Jackson is an EMT with many secrets. While hunting down a man who traffics women out of the country, Kori runs to assist a man shot during an altercation. The stubborn man won’t accept her help though he clearly needs it. She’ll soon learn that his stubbornness is an asset and she’ll need it if she’s to continue on the path she’s carved for herself.

Will their battle of wills prevent them from realizing they are also falling in love?

1 review for Keeping Kori, RAPTOR Book Seven Paperback

  1. 4 out of 5

    Nicky Ortiz

    This is Falcon’s story. He meets Kori when he gets injured trying to take down Dildo and Kori being an EMT comes to help him. There is an instant connection. Kori not only works as an EMT but she also tries to save the women who are being trafficked. When she becomes the target of some angry pimps Falcon and his team come to protect her. An Insta love, steamy romance with a bit of action thrown in. Great story with wonderful characters.

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