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A cyber operative searching for answers.
A reporter with a secret identity.
The story of a lifetime that brings them face to face.

Caiden Marx has had to put his personal sorrows on the back-burner since his high school sweetheart was believed to be killed by a drug dealer. The experience shaped him as a man, making him overly protective of women and children. That’s why he’s so incredible as a RAPTOR operative. But while on a mission in Las Vegas, Caiden sees a ghost, who seems very much alive.

Mia Gregory has lived on the run most of her life. Witnessing the murder of her mother at a young age taught her to stay hidden or die. As an adult, she’s vowed to ferret out those who bring harm to women and children, and shine a bright light on them. She never allowed herself to dream of finding her long lost love, or her brother in the same year.

Can Mia put her fear aside and allow Caiden to help her? Will they find love once again?

1 review for Missing Mia, RAPTOR Book Five Paperback

  1. 4 out of 5

    Nicky Ortiz

    I loved Caiden and Mia’s story. Great Story and wonderful characters. In this one while the crew is wrapping up Caiden sees a picture of someone from his past that he thought was dead his high school sweetheart Mia. Once he tracks her down he finds out what happens he vows to help her. But that’s not the only thing there are people out there that are still connected with the trafficking that trying to get to her, RAPTOR is still looking for Dildo.

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