Promising Piper, RAPTOR Book Four Audiobook

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A female operative who hunts down pedophiles.
A football star with everything to lose.
And a game that threatens to tear it all apart.

Piper Dillon knows that one wrong move can change your life. The threatening shrapnel near her spine is a constant reminder. Retraining to be a RAPTOR operative gave her some new plays as a cyber intelligence expert. Now, she has the chance to return to the field doing what she now feels she was born to do – end sex trafficking.

Royce Rowan has it all, good looks, charm, personality, gaggles of reporters following him around, the greatest throwing arm to ever grace a football field and throngs of beautiful women wanting to climb into his bed. All except Piper, who wants nothing to do with that lifestyle. Yet, she does want him to risk it all to help her in her quest to bring down a couple of his teammates. He hasn’t worked so hard all these years to toss it all away. But to save Piper’s life, he may have to play the game like never before.

1 review for Promising Piper, RAPTOR Book Four Audiobook

  1. 5 out of 5


    RAPTOR series book 4 continues the main plot of taking down a trafficking ring. Piper who usually does cyber intelligence is going out in the field as an operative. While undercover Piper meets Royce who just transferred to the football team that she’s trying to get information on. Piper and Royce’s story is one full of action, romance and suspense. I love the narration and how the characters come to life and only make the story more enjoyable. I love reading whole series that can be read as standalones but also have a continued plot throughout the series. If you read the whole series, you get a bonus story line with anticipation but if you read them as standalone you still get a complete story that you can follow.

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