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Saving women and children from traffickers is a job for only the toughest special operatives around. These operatives are called RAPTOR.

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Enjoy these steamy, small-town, protector romances from USA Today bestselling author PJ Fiala.

Books 4-6 exciting, steamy, romantic suspense RAPTOR stories to keep you turning pages into the night.

Stopping traffickers is only half of the job; finding the victims is RAPTOR’s specialty.

Book 1: Promising Piper
Special operative Piper Dillion is tasked with infiltrating the Las Vegas Sinners football team to find the persons trafficking young women. When her path leads her to star quarterback, Royce Roman, things start looking up. But when Royce finds out he’s being used and then asked to turn on his teammates, things get complicated. When Royce now has to save Piper’s life, he’ll have to play the game like never before.

Book 2: Missing Mia
Special operative, Caiden Marx, is hunting down Sergeant Dillano, a man RAPTOR has been looking for. When he finds, Mia Gregory, his lost love who he thought was dead, his life takes a drastic turn. Mia’s life is in danger once again and none other than Sergeant Dillano is the culprit. Mia has a choice to make – trust Caiden to protect her or run once again. The odds are stacked against her now.

Book 3: Believing Becca
Special operative Deacon Smythe is determined to end this trafficking ring once and for all. The problem is a pesky hacker who has infiltrated their chatter channel that threatens to expose them all. His mission is now stop Becca Bentley from ruining all RAPTOR has done to catch these traffickers. Becca believes she has the information RAPTOR needs, all she needs to do is make Deacon believe her.

RAPTOR Box Set 2 is the second three book (books 4-6) box set in the RAPTOR Romantic Suspense Series, although all books in the RAPTOR world can be read as standalones. 3 steamy romantic stories with guaranteed happily ever afters, it does have some strong language and exciting sexy times. Enjoy!


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