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Don’t miss this page-turning, fast-paced story from PJ Fiala about the next generation of the men and women of GHOST.

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GHOST: Government Hidden Ops Specialty Team. They eliminate the threat when no one else can.

He’s a GHOST operative wanted for murder.
She’s the only resident who can cook up the life-saving elixir that saves her people.
Together they are caught between two worlds embroiled in a raging war.

Aidyn Dunbar killed the leader of Hickory Hills. A necessary move to save the life of his close friend and teammate, but it’s placed a bullseye on his chest. Still, he’s determined to gather the intel GHOST needs to stop the deadly behaviors brought to his adopted home of Glen Hollow Kentucky.

Elena Dorsey was born and raised in Hickory Hills, but has started to see the peaceful way of life she enjoyed as a child turn to greed and destruction. Having no formal education she struggles to support herself, and her elderly mother isn’t able to work anymore. If she leaves, she’ll be ostracized from the only home she’s ever known. There’s nowhere for her to go. Or is there?

Aidyn is intrigued by this quiet, strong woman, and as their interest in each other grows, they flirt with danger from each of their respective communities. Elena holds the key to healing millions of people if Aidyn can assist in her escape. But the residents of Hickory Hills would rather see her dead than take her popular elixir to the very people they’ve avoided their entire lives.

Aidyn’s job is gathering intel on the Hill people, but his life’s mission is now Saving Elena.


USA Today bestselling author PJ Fiala brings you the GHOST Legacy series—heroes willing to sacrifice everything in service to their country, and for the men and women they love. A novel with no cliffhanger, no cheating, and a happily-ever-after guaranteed.

15 reviews for Saving Elena, GHOST Legacy Book Two Ebook

  1. 5 out of 5

    Denise H

    Saving Elena is the second book in the new GHOST Legacy series and is the story of Aidyn Dunbar and Elena Dorsey. *You can find the story of Aidyn’s parents (Axel Dunbar and Bridget Byrnes) in Defending Bridget, GHOST book 5.

    Aidyn Dunbar and his team of GHOST operatives recently moved to Glen Hollow, Kentucky on assignment to protect and assist in the building of an off-site military installation. He and Elena met the previous fall during an altercation between the BRR-Black Road Resistance (a group within the people of Hickory Hills) and his GHOST team where Aidyn killed the Hickory Hills leader in order to save a friend and teammate’s life. Now the BRR is after Aidyn as a result and his team and anyone else close to him are in danger. This complicates his assignment of intel gathering from Hickory Hills as well as his developing feelings and budding relationship with one of the young women on the mountain, Elena Dorsey. As danger closes in, with the help of his teammates, he will do whatever is necessary to remove Elena from her dangerous situation and claim her as his own.

    Elena Dorsey was born and raised on the mountain in Hickory Hills; it’s all she’s ever known. She and her ailing mother live a simple life, living off what the land provides in a small cabin within their community. They are the only two people who know the recipe of their healing elixir and can brew it; which their community uses for certain ailments and to trade for necessities. Elena has always felt safe in her duties and with her place in their society until the escalating war between her people and the people of Glen Hollow. And Aidyn. He fascinates her and she wants to know more about him and where he comes from. With their leader dead and his son Craig taking over, Elena and her mother’s place in their community become questionable and danger closes in. Her only means of safety become Aidyn and his team.

    Two worlds collide as Aidyn and Elena fight for their HEA. This story is full of excitement, danger, suspense, drama, and romance with a great cast of characters and an intense storyline. Great from beginning to end!

  2. 5 out of 5

    CAH – malphrusc

    Loved this story SO MUCH…the romance was sweet in that it included the fun parts of getting to know someone and that are best described as “wooing” or “courting”. It also had the sparks that come along when you have met the right one and will do anything to be together. This new series is wonderful…this book can certainly be read as a standalone but it is a little treat to have context from a previous book or series.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Cay Scheumack

    Well written, action packed, witty and entertaining Legacy book that focused my attention from the beginning. The telling of everyday,and everything that we take for granted that Elena and Grace don’t know is so imaginable. I can see they’re reaction thru the words on the page. This is the second book in the Legacy series. P.J. Fiala is building the story so you can’t wait to see what happens next. Integrating parents, Ghosts and Raptors, makes me smile. This is Aidyn and Elena’s story

  4. 5 out of 5

    Janelle B

    We’re back with the guys and gals of Ghost Legacy and the group has moved into their new place and are getting settled in. This book centers around Elena who has lived on the mountain her entire life and Aidyn. We are learning more about the people on the mountain and what Elena and her mom do there. Elena and Aidyn have been meeting in secret for a while. When things start to get more dangerous for her Aidyn wants to move her and her mom down the mountain. There’s danger, action, hope and the start of a wonderful love story between the two.

  5. 4 out of 5

    Killayne Kennedy

    This was an interesting read for me. I kept wondering how the characters would handle Elena’s lack of knowledge about the modern world. I DON’T CONSIDER THIS A SPOILER, BUT . . . When the story got around to that point, I was pleased that it was treated with kindness by all of the characters (not that I really expected anything different), and it was also sensitive. It wasn’t brushed under the carpet, but I also liked how it wasn’t overdone. I also appreciated that some of the goofy questions that popped up into my head, like water source, were answered as to how the BRR members lived, and that it was shown through the hero’s genuine interest in how Elena lived her life. The end did leave me with one hanging question, which hopefully will be answered in the next book.

  6. 5 out of 5

    Marie Evans

    Aidyn and Elena’s story is my absolute favorite now!!! This storyline is brilliant!!!

    PJ Fiala’s got such a creative and unique style that just keeps getting better each time!! Oh and these Alpha heroes are just beyond dreamy!!

    If I could give it 10 stars then I totally would!!! Highly recommend this whole series!!!!

  7. 5 out of 5

    Lyne Carroll

    I more than loved it !!!

    The Legacy continues in Saving Elena, the 2nd book in this awesome series.
    A wonderfully well written, unputdownable, gripping and touching story about how Aidyn and Elena meet, connect and fall for one another.
    It has all the rights amounts of suspense, action, drama and romance.

    Highly recommended book and series; will read it again for sure !

    I receive a free copy of this book and leaving a voluntary and honest review.

  8. 4 out of 5


    Another great book by P.J Fiala. In this one we get to learn more about the group that live on the mountain. The Ghost Legacy group is also explored more in depth. I am in love with this group!! I am so excited for the next book and hope to hear more about Aidyn and Elena (and Grace).

  9. 4 out of 5


    When 2 different cultures collide and a battle is fought, Aidyn meets Elena and feels an instant connection. An all of the feels, page turning romance brings Aidyn to want to protect and cherish Elena but first they have to get her and her mom away from the cult…will they be able to do so safely or do they lose it all.

  10. 5 out of 5


    The Legacy kids win again!
    I enjoyed this story about the rescue of a woman who has had very few choices in her poor existence within the BRR cult conclave. I loved how strong and smart Elena was and how Aidyn wanted so badly to give her a better life. As in all of the GHOST series’ books, the team really works together with steadfast dedication to each other. It would probably be helpful but definitely not crucial to read the first book, Finding Lara, before this one. Can’t wait for the next adventure in this series.

  11. 5 out of 5


    A forbidden love romance that will have you swooning. I really enjoyed this inexperienced/experienced dynamic. I love how PJ brings the characters and story to life. I was intrigued by Elena from the last book and thought this one was going to be interesting. Elena has lived a very sheltered life on the mountain but her heart isn’t into the lifestyle. Aidyn is a “townie” that is hated on the mountain but for some reason Elena is drawn to him. Aidyn and Elena have to beat a lot of odds in order to get their HEA. Can they start a real relationship without starting a war?

  12. 5 out of 5

    Donna (D.L.) Bass

    Love conquers differences

    Aidyn Dunbar, son of Bridget and Axel Dunbar, is following in his parents footsteps. He is a sharpshooter and recon specialist for GHOST’S satellite location in Kentucky. In Finding Lara, Aidyn had to kill the leader, Everett Howard, of Hickory Hills to save the life of his teammate. Aidyn’s job is to gather information on the Hill also known as the Black Road Resistance (BRR), to ensure they are not causing problems with the building of the military base.

    Elena Dorsey has lived in Hickory Hills her whole life. She helps her mother who is ill and has taken over cooking the elixir the Hill people sell. She and her mother live a simple life without modern technology.

    Aidyn and Elena briefly met when he was helping to find Lara. He is intrigued by Elena and she is very interested in him. Since the BRR would like to see Aidyn punished for killing their leader, he and Elena must keep their meetings secret. They have a special hiding place where they leave each other notes. It is getting more dangerous for them. The new Hill leader, Craig, is suggesting Elena get married and have children. The only thing keeping that from happening right away is that Elena is cooking up a new batch of elixir to sell. Will Elena be given to a Hill man to marry?

    Problems with Hickory Hills is beginning to heat up. Some of the BRR group are coming around causing trouble. Along with the BRR issues, Aidyn learns from Elena that Craig wants to marry her off. He swears he will not let that happen.

    Saving Elena has plenty of drama, action, suspense and romance to keep you entertained. The book can be read as a standalone; however, I recommend reading Finding Lara first to get the full backstory.

    Aidyn Dunbar’s parents’ story can be found in Defending Bridget. The GHOST Legacy is following in the GHOST footsteps as a must read series.

  13. 4 out of 5

    Nicky Ortiz

    This is the second story in the series. This is Aidyn’s story. Aidyn is fascinated with Elena and wants to get to know her but she’s from the mountains and the leaders want him for things that went down in the first story (you don’t need to read it to read this I just don’t want to give anything away they tell you why in this story). Elena feel something for Aidyn but she is not allowed down the mountain and they don’t want to lose her since she is the elixir maker. They go from exchanging notes to trying to help her escape when she is being force to marry and bare children. Great story love the way it flows that kept me intrigued from start to finish. Looking forward to reading the other characters story and more of the mountain and Ghost/town war.

    I received a copy from StoryOrigin and volunteered to leave a review.

  14. 5 out of 5

    Annette Reavis

    This is the 2nd Book in GHOST LEGACY Series and let me tell you PJ Fiala knocked this book out of the ballpark!!! We pick up where she left off with the teams still on alert after the shoot-out and rescue of Lara. This book is filled with suspense and action-packed and chemistry and romance and so so much more. I absolutely fell in love with Aidyn and Elena and their story. They are sweet and tough and resilient and it was such a delight getting to their happy ending. This book is absolutely a 5+ star read!

  15. 5 out of 5

    Nathalie Juergensen

    Saving Elena is Book #2 in PJ Fiala’s newest Series GHOST LEGACY.

    We are back in Glen Hollow with the GHOST LEGACY Team.
    Aidyn Dunbar met Elena Dorsey in the Events around Lara (Ghost Legacy #1).

    Elena is “The Brewer” – the Recipe for the infamous Elixir has been in her Family forever.
    When Things start to get more and more complicated on Hickory Hill, Aidyn and his Team devise a Plan to get Elena (and her Mother) down to the HOG.

    No Story of PJ Fiala is complete without a big BOOM!, a lot of Action and a Happy End – and we get all this and more in this Book, too!

    10/10 can recommend!

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