Big 3 Security started a few years after Ford returned home from the military. Finding himself uninterested in any other line of work, Ford’s best friend, Rory Richards, who had also come home from the military and now worked for Lynyrd Station police department, suggested Ford help them out in hunting down bail jumpers. It offered Ford money to raise his family, and sadly, it also offered him a way to be away from his wife, whom he had grown increasingly frustrated with. Ford’s family stepped in and helped raise his son, Falcon, while he needed to be away, so he set out to bring in bail jumpers.

As he excelled in this line of work, Lynyrd Station PD had something else for him to do. Find criminals whom they couldn’t find. Small town police departments don’t have the manpower to have cops off looking for someone who doesn’t want to be found and Ford had proven he was good at that work. So began Ford’s career of hunting down criminals.

Lincoln Winters was a military buddy of Ford and tired of working as a cop. Too many rules. Too many laws which he felt hampered his ability to actually do his job and keep the citizens of his town safe. A phone conversation with Ford, and Lincoln packed up and moved to Lynyrd Station to join his friend in hunting down criminals.

Dodge Sager, another military friend wanted in on that action and Big 3 Security was formed. Little did they know the directions Big 3 would eventually go and the violent criminals they’d encounter, but these guys give it their all. Having a friend, now Detective, Rory, in the know gives them just enough information they use to take criminals off the streets.

The four men believe in their purpose, have jobs they enjoy, and along the way, find scrappy, sexy women who capture their hearts. Not what they were looking for, but grateful to have found these lovelies, the men of Big 3 Security make cleaning up the streets look easy. The women of Big 3 make taming these men look easy as well, but things aren’t always what they seem.

read the first three chapters of Ford: Finding His Fire.

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