Lincoln: Finding His Mark

Lincoln: Finding His Mark
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He's a determined former Ranger.
She's landed her dream job at Limitless International.
Together they will bring that company to its knees to keep her safe.

Hot on the trail of a crime family dealing in illegal weapons, Lincoln’s intel leads him to Skye Sommers, the stunning HR manager of the company the family uses as a front. His mind warns she could be a suspect, but his gut insists she's an innocent in need of protection.

Skye's dream job at Limitless International becomes a nightmare when she witnesses a murder and realizes nothing is what it seems. When a sexy man claiming to be an investigator shows up out of nowhere, Skye has no choice but to trust him, even though she’s terrified to trust anyone. It isn't long before her heart is in as much danger as her life, because she begins to suspect the handsome, but hard, stranger may only be using her to take down his mark.

Lincoln is the second book in the thrilling Big 3 Security series. If you like sizzling sex-scenes, suspense and happy endings, you’ll love PJ Fiala’s page turning series. Start your reading adventure today.

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