GHOST is an acronym for Government Hidden Ops Specialty Team. GHOST is comprised of former military men and women who have realized a nine to five doesn’t work for them. 
Dane Copeland is a widower, and recently retired from the military, ending his career as a special operative, to be home with his daughter, Emersyn. Meeting Keirnan Vickers, Emersyn’s teacher, is both a surprise and a delight. But, things get dicey when Keirnan is kidnapped and police, while doing all they can, seem to have their hands tied by laws and regulations. Dane, and Keirnan’s father, Auggie, are going out of their minds trying to work around the laws and find Keirnan before it’s too late.
Realizing the need for a group that can operate under the radar or outside the lines of law and order when needed, GHOST is formed. Hired largely by the government, there is no end to the criminals GHOST brings down, and no end to the change in their personal lives.
Gaige Vickers, Keirnan’s brother, is former military and later becomes the leader of GHOST. Gaige’s specialties are broad and he excels in recon. The woman he’d denied himself for years, Sophie Turner, his best friend’s sister, finds herself embroiled in a murder and the only person she can turn to is Gaige. Their second chance at life and love doesn’t come easy, and until Sophie is cleared of both, being reported as AWOL and murder, they are on the run and Gaige will use everything in his arsenal to save her.
Hawk Delany is big, brawny and a man of few words. He’s sent to Washington to help investigate the murder of an American couple and their emmisary from a foriegn country. Secrets and lies are uncovered as passions ignite.
Wyatt Lawson was a medic in the military and he’s called upon more than he likes to help his fellow GHOST operatives. Being tasked with protecting one of his co-workers’ friends becomes a mission of hunting down a trafficker, protecting the lovely Yvette Jacobson and a reunion with the daughter he barely knows.
Axel Dunbar has a damaged heart. Being a father is something he’s dreamed of. Being betrayed by the woman who aborted his child left a hole in his heart. An accidental meeting with a long time ago one-night-stand changes his life in ways he never dreamed. Bridget Barnes is self-sufficient and an expert markswoman. She’s also been kidnapped because of her friendship with Sophie Vickers and GHOST. As Axel investigates who took her and why, he finds a five year old boy who looks exactly like him. The importance of this mission just changed to life altering.
Josh Masters is a GHOST operative in need of a vacation. The trouble is, even on a holiday his training kicks in. Helping a drunk groom home brings him into the middle of a kidnapping, an illegal smuggling operation and the gorgeous but off-limits, Isabella Martinez. 
Joined by the men of Big 3 Security, these operatives uncover murder, mayhem, espionage and love. None of them expected the love!

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