Saving Shelby

Saving Shelby

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When Shelby Davidson’s sister goes missing, she’s convinced her wealthy, ruthless brother-in-law is to blame and she fears he’ll harm her niece and nephew. So she takes the kids and runs. Her influential brother-in-law succeeds in making it look as though Shelby has murdered her sister and kidnapped his children. Shelby and the kids are on their own now and it’s going to take a miracle to both survive the hunt and prove she’s not guilty.

Wounded on deployment, Donovan Keach retrains as an operative in RAPTOR. When he’s directed to find the two children before their aunt does them harm, it doesn’t take long to realize the mission is all backwards. Now he must figure out a way to prove Shelby’s innocence, save the children from a dangerous fate with their father, and try not to lose his heart in the process. He’s determined to succeed, even though the last task may be mission impossible.

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