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  • Being a social worker is one of the hardest jobs.
    In Holding Hadleigh, RAPTOR book two, Hadleigh Waterson is a social worker. She wants to help kids. She wants them to grow up in good families and become well adjusted adults and she works hard to make that happen. Then, she finds out things aren’t as they seem in one of her households. It’s one…
  • Keeping Kori sneak peek
    Keeping Kori releases on July 28, 2022 and I thought I’d share a snippet with you. “They stepped into the elevator and Falcon wrapped his arm around her shoulders and pulled her close.Emmy looked over at them and smiled. “Kori, are you coming home with us?”Her cheeks flamed hot and her breath caught in her…
  • Did Lincoln find his mark?
    When I began writing Big 3 Security I had something different in mind for the books. I had thought of them to be gritty and narly. As I wrote them, I couldn’t get that feel for the characters. And, actually none of my characters are gritty or narly. I do believe it’s largely because in…
  • What are your wins?
    We all have some wins each week. Each day even. Share some of your favorites wins from this past week. Mine? I’m at RAGT in Cincinnati and meeting so many readers and having a blast. Pictures coming soon.
  • What’s your favorite App?
    I think we all have some app or another on our phones by this point. There are so many, between games, photo editing, reading apps, scanning apps, food apps. What do you use and what are your favorites? We all may find some new apps to download and play with.
  • #MemeThief
    What did you steal this week? I can’t wait to see your spoils.
  • I’m writing Healing Hope right now.
    Healing Hope is Creed and Hope’s story. I get so excited when I start writing a new story. It’s like beginning a new book when reading. It’s like, where will we go today? Creed is an amazing man. He’s sexy, smart and alpha. But not an a-hole. He’s a former SEAL. But, so much more.…
  • Have you read Heart Thief? It’s FREE!
    I have a fondness in my heart for Kentucky. My grandmother, Ruth, is from there. Her family is still there. Gene and I get there when we can. I’ll be there in July for Knockout Book Bash, and I’m rather excited. I created Bourbonville, Kentucky, out of my love of the Bluegrass State. Small towns…
  • It’s National Chocolate Day!!!
    I can’t think of a thing made out of chocolate that I don’t like. I’d say my favorite is chocolate cake. Devil’s Food. Yummmmm! What’s your favorite treat?
  • Keeping Kori
    I mentioned in my live that I finished Keeping Kori and, I just love this book. I’m eagerly awaiting it’s return from my editor. This is a mood board I created for it. Kori is an EMT. Falcon, of course is a special operative. They spend a fair amount of time at a marina and…
  • Do you write a to-do list?
    I do. Everyday. I get a weird satisfaction from crossing things off that list. And, when I’ve finished everything, I enjoy looking back at it and seeing all that I had accomplished. What about you?
  • Ereader Highlights
    Do you highlight in your ereader? Share some of your highlights please.
  • #Meme Thief
    What did you steal this week?
  • Best Love Scene?
    What’s the best love scene you’ve ever read?
  • Monday Night Live – May 30, 2022
  • Thank you for your service!
    Today is the day set aside to recognize our fallen heroes. We should think of them and thank them everyday. We enjoy our freedoms because of the brave men and women who served and gave all to ensure we live the lives we do. Thank you for your service ladies and gentlemen. Freedom isn’t free.
  • What’s your favorite movie soundtrack?
    I love the Dirty Dancing soundtrack. But also, A Knight’s Tale soundtrack. And, for a long time I enjoyed the Sister Act soundtrack. So many good ones. What are your favorite soundtracks?
  • Pick the Actors
    Who would you pick to play Ford and Megan in a television show or movie?
  • Monday Night Live May 23, 2022
    Thank you to the lovelies who attended last night. I’ll work to get this perfected, but in the meantime, it was so nice to connect with you.
  • It all began with Rolling Thunder
    The first book I ever wrote was Designing Samantha’s Love. That was the book that had rolled around in my head for years, literally. I didn’t realize it was a book, it was simply characters talking to each other and going through life things that I imagined when I had time to myself. Usually, that…
  • Wrenched Fate
    Happy release day to Dani and Dirks. These two have skirted around each other for a couple of years, each thinking the other wasn’t interested. It’s not uncommon for mature adults to be cautious before entering into a relationship, especially when they’ve each dealt with other life issues in the past. The fact they waited…
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