About Easter

This week on Open Book Blog Hop we’re talking about Easter and how we celebrate.

This year, as in the past three of four, we opted to stay in.  We had always gone out for a buffet and enjoyed some time out.  However, the past few years of doing that, we found that the buffets became the same old, same old, and the food was less than good.  So, now, we eat at home.

Our youngest son, Eric, is still in the Army National Guard Reserves and spent the majority of the month of March at WLC training.  He returned on March 25th, so it was nice to have a little homecoming for him this weekend.  

My mother-in-law, Shirley’s, birthday is March 24th, so we combined Easter, Eric’s homecoming and Shirley’s birthday into one day.  We had the family over, grilled chicken and made some sides while watching my grandson, Eli, play with his new bubble mower.

My son, Zach and his family weren’t able to join us as they had other commitments on Easter, so we had them come down on Friday night and we kept the grandkids, Ava and Garrett, overnight.  We treated Ava and Garrett to a show at the Resch Center, Marvel Universe.  It was a nice show, they loved it, but it’s definitely geared towards kids with all of their cheesy over-the-top actions and comments.  But Ava told me it was the best night of her life, so I’m thinking she enjoyed it.

All in all, we celebrated the resurrection of our Lord with family and a few activities.  That makes it perfect for me.  How did you spend Easter?

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