An Interview with Nita Brown

So this week we’re interviewing one of our characters and I chose Nita Brown.  Nita is the heroine in Missing Desire. I find her a very interesting character for many reasons. 

Nita’s been widowed for going on eight years. She’s stronger than she thinks, but she’s let life beat her down a bit. Nita’s husband cheated on her years ago, and that has had a lasting impression on her and her self-talk. She’s a big beautiful woman but what she sees when she looks in the mirror is a over-weight dowdy woman.  That is, until Chuck comes along.

Nita has three grown children, Dax, Caryn and Payton. Caryn and Payton are fabulous young women and they are tackling life full on. Caryn is in school for horticulture and Payton is just entering the US Marine Corps.  But, Dax, well that boy is a pain in everyone’s side.  He carries a chip on his shoulder that would weigh down Iron Man.


Let’s listen in as Andy Matthews, Staff Writer/Photographer for the Chandler County Chronicles chats with Ms. Nita Brown, one of PJ’s favorite characters.

 AM: Hey Ms. Brown. How are you? Thank you for agreeing to interview with me. I didn’t have any problems finding your shop. Awfully quiet…oh I see (he notices a posted sign showing the hours for Nita’s Style House)…you don’t open until 12 today. Perfect. We have more than enough time. Where shall I sit?

 NBThank you for interviewing me. I must say I’m certainly not used to this. Let’s sit over here in the window and enjoy the sunshine, shall we?

AM: Nice looking shop. May I ask how long you’ve been open? I’m based in Chandlerville but I’m in town here about twice a week. I must have driven right pass and not noticed. How’s business these days…you know with our economy and all?

NBI’ve been open just five years now and business has grown considerably. We’ve been having our best year yet. No matter the economy, people still need to feel good about themselves and we try to do that for them here. Not only are we priced appropriately, but we add that extra touch of love.

 AM: Ms. Brown, can you tell me a little something about yourself? Chronicles’ readers look forward to my weekly ‘Meet Your Neighbor’ column. This would be a great time to promote your shop, too. He winked and added, ‘Now, please don’t tell my boss that I said that. But I figure why shouldn’t you take advantage of an opportunity like this. Everybody reads the column. Any specials coming up?’ (Andy winked).

 NBOh, gosh, well, I’m a widow for 8 years and I’ve done my best to raise my three children alone since their father died.  The kids have been my priority all this time. As they grew and moved out to attend college and begin their adult lives, I decided to strike out on my own and start my own salon. The first couple of years were touch and go, I don’t mind telling you.  As to specials, let me tell you this, other than offering product specials, we’re priced as low as we can go every day.  Once a month I do give away one hair service for the person who has tagged me the most on social media.  It’s how we’ve gotten the word out this past two years.  So Andy, if you’d like a free haircut, start tagging Nita’s House of Style and we’ll set you up.  

 AM: Thanks for the tip–and the offer but wouldn’t want to cheat someone out of a haircut. I can see how you retain your customers–nice attitude towards your business. 

 On a slightly different note, can you tell me what you like about living in Bourbonville? By the way, this is off the record—feel free to let me know what you don’t like about living here as well. Trust me, there are days when I’m ready to pack my bags and head back to New Jersey. Andy laughs.

NB: Laughing. I know what you mean. Small towns can be close and intimate and then they can be too close and intimate. I live in Bourbonville and have my whole life. I ventured out after high school to test the waters so to speak and to go to beauty school, but in the end, this is home and always will be.  So, what I love about living in Bourbonville is that I grew up here, it’s home. I can’t explain it exactly. I know all the shop owners and business people here. My friends are here. I know I can reach out when ever I need help and someone will be there for me. Make sense?   

 AM:  That’s so important. Makes a lot of sense to me. That’s why I miss Jersey sometimes. (They smile). Nita, I mean Ms. Brown–any special relationships? He chuckles and adds, ‘You’re an attractive lady, if you don’t mind me saying so.’ Andy blushes.

 NB Well, recently I met a man that I’d like to say more about, but good golly it’s so new and I’m not sure he’d be too keen on me sharing his name just yet. Check back with me in a couple of months, maybe when you come in for your free haircut.

 AMAndy laughs. You’ve almost talked me into coming back for that haircut. On a totally unrelated note, what’s your favorite part about being a character in Missing Desire? Another off the record, question—excuse me, but do you plan to attend any of the County’s Birthday Celebration events? 

 NB: I’ve always been the big girl and hidden myself in the background. What I loved about Missing Desire, is I got to tell my story and I got to do it my way. As to the Birthday Celebration, my goodness, normally I’d be there, but this year I’ve been dealing with a family issue involving my son, I’m adding on to the salon and I’m struggling to remember what day it is.

 AM: Hope to see you there. All work and no play is not good for anyone, right? (Andy winks). Do you get along the other characters in the book? Who? Why? Remember this is between the two of us and we can make it ‘off the record’ if you want.

 NB: Generally I get along with everyone, but oooo, that Tasha Desmond makes my blood boil. We have a long and horrible history, but you’ll need to read Missing Desire to find out what that is.

 AM: I’ll definitely check the book out. Might be another story in the making. (Andy smiles and looks at his notes). Do you have a favorite motto or expression?

 NB:  Oh goodness, my favorite expression I suppose is, “What will be will be.”

 AM: Can’t argue with that. Who’s your hero (*shero) (fictional or non-fictional)? Can you tell me what makes this person so special to you?

 NB: Well, until recently I’ve had different heroes throughout my life. My bestie, Terri, has always been there for me and I admire her strength and determination. But, that special man I recently met, well, he’s becoming my new hero super quick.

 AM: What’s your prized possession? I mean, like something that is special to you. You know?

 NB: On my wedding day, my grandmother gave me an emerald necklace. It wasn’t a hugely expensive necklace, just a small emerald and tiny little diamonds surrounding it that caught the light and sparkled. But it came from my grandmother and I had hoped that my daughters would wear that necklace on their wedding days. But recently we had an issue with it coming up missing and I’m praying we’ll get it back one day.

AM: Andy winks and adds, ‘Another off the record question. ‘Hey Ms. Brown, how about a cup of coffee with me? You got time?

 NB: You bet I do, let’s go on down to the diner and chat for a bit longer shall we?

Missing Desire

Genre: Contemporary Romance/Romantic Suspense

 Can love overcome the insecurities of the past? 

 Nita Brown is a big, beautiful, resilient woman. She’s endured the loss of a husband, the trials of raising three kids, and the joy of purchasing and running of her own business. But dealing with the issues her son has brought home at the same time meeting a man who sees her for who she is, now this just might bring her to her knees. Chuck Layton is new in town. He followed his boss, Levi, to Bourbonville to continue working in his newly found profession. Learning the security business has helped him over-come the insecurities his father drilled into him his whole life, and this new case is honing his skills. But, just as he’s figured out what he wants to do with his life he finds he must weigh his livelihood against his growing love of Nita. Chuck has some decisions to make.



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