Book Review for Shelly Thacker’s His Forbidden Touch

This week’s topic is to review a book you’ve recently read.  I’ve finally set aside time a few days per week to get back to the very thing that brought me to writing – reading. And thanks to the recommendation from an author I follow’s newsletter, I found Shelly Thacker.  Granted I write contemporary, but I just love, love, love historicals and Shelly’s books are good.

I’d first read Shelly’s first in series, Forever His. Which was good and interesting how she melded the time travel and historical qualities together. I enjoyed that book so I bought His Forbidden Touch.

These characters, Royce Saint-Michel and Princess Ciara have a history of sorts. Royce is Ciara’s brother’s best friend. But she was very young and Royce never considered Ciara in any way other than as Christopher’s little sister.

Forward a few years and guess who’s all grown up? Yep. The journey these two must make is both arduous and beautiful. They find each other, love and all that had once been lost to Royce. I’ll leave it at that and recommend if you love historical romance, you should give this book a try.

My only complaint with these books is that there is a bit of repetition in them and there were times I was irritated by it.  But, over all, great characters and great story. My rating is 4 wheels.

Grab your copy here.