Defending Keirnan

I’m super excited to share with you that Defending Keirnan, GHOST Prequel, is now up for preorder.

I’ll start by saying that my cover reveal for this book, sadly, didn’t happen this time around with big fanfare and I have a good excuse. I think it’s good anyway.

I hired a business manager this year, and we’ve just started working together on January 10th. That means, not long. But, she’s had me hopping to get my business organized, profitable, and structured moving forward, and that’s what she’s supposed to do.

So, I set up my monthly newsletter this week and sent her a draft and she sent me a list of things to do to spruce it up. One of those things was to get my preorder up for Defending Keirnan.

Ah, yes, Defending Keirnan. So, I do have a story about this book. I’ll try to keep it brief. 🙂

My GHOST (Government Hidden Ops Security Team) series launched last year and so far it’s been a hit and my biggest seller. But, many of you all wanted to know how GHOST started. I had more than one email on this and a few of you in my reader group, PJ Fiala’s Road Queens, had asked as well. I want you all to be happy, so I set out to write Defending Keirnan. If you’ve read the other books in my GHOST series, Defending Sophie and Defending Roxanne, you’ll recognize a name or two. Keirnan is Gaige Vicker’s sister and the reason Gaige’s father and Dane, Keirnan’s hero, started a company named GHOST.

When I was halfway through writing Defending Keirnan, a group of fellow authors and I formed a group to set up a box set of brand new stories to release as a one time limited print set at #RAGT20. These stories needed to be within a certain word count and I couldn’t keep DK from going over, so I set it aside and wrote Rory, Finding His Match in the Big3 Security series.

Okay, Rory is on its way to my editor next week and I’m picking Keirnan back up. Since it’s half finished, it was time to set up the preorder. I already had the cover (designed by the amazing Becky McGraw at Cover Me Photography). Drum roll please…..Defending Keirnan is now up for preorder. (Sorry for the long story there.)

I hope you’ll love Keirnan and Dane’s story as much as I do. And, I have such an amazing team of people helping me with all of this I feel it necessary to thank them publicly here:

Becky McGraw – Cover Me Photography for the outstanding cover.

Chas Patrick – Essentially Chas for her guidance. And her team, Ann and Candi Fox.

Teresa Russ – Poised Pen PR for her fantastic teasers and marketing support.

And, none of this would be possible without my wonderful supportive husband, Gene, and my children and grandchildren who round me out and keep me level. I love you all so much.

About Defending Keirnan:

All Keirnan Vickers ever wanted was to be a teacher. Having realized that dream, she’s focusing on helping the local library with desperately needed repairs so she has a place to host her growing reading program. Just when her life is beginning to look like a storybook, an enemy of her father’s threatens her very existence.

Single father Dane Copeland has known his share of heartaches. He put love on the back burner to finish his career as a special operative with the Army and raise his daughter. Fate intervenes when he meets Keirnan, who brings a new zest for life and the promise of a new start. But it all comes crashing down when she is kidnapped and local law enforcement is unable, or unwilling, to mount a rescue.

Partnering with Auggie Vickers, GHOST is born, and all of their lives are irreparably changed as the details behind Keirnan’s abduction are revealed and time becomes their enemy.

Don’t miss this page-turning, fast-paced story from PJ Fiala and the prequel to GHOST.

Defending Keirnan is the prequel to the GHOST series.

Preorder your copy today to wake up to Dane and Keirnan on April 14, 2020.

Also FREE in Kindle Unlimited –

8 thoughts on “Defending Keirnan”

  1. Sue PaytonSue Payton

    congrats on everything. Will the arcs be handled differently? I hope I’m still on the arc list. So authors change PA’s and I miss out. I love all your books as you know, but hope to continue to read arcs for the Ghost series. Congrats on your new book.

    January 16, 2020
  2. LesleyLesley

    That book sounds amazing. April sure is a log time away to wait.

    January 18, 2020
  3. Melissa HultzMelissa Hultz

    Can’t wait to read and find out how everything started! You are an awesome author! Can’t wait to see your career take off with your business manager!💖

    January 19, 2020
  4. JudyJudy

    I enjoyed your books in this series so much and I can’t wait for the next one

    January 28, 2020

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