Dips and Spreads – Oh My!

As we enter the middle of summer, I thought I’d like to share some delicious dips and spreads you can take to your summer parties.  Don’t be surprised if everyone asks you where you got the recipe, these babies are scrumptious.  

Tami Czenkus is a fun lady.  She is always doing something or going somewhere and enjoying herself.  She’s also a member of my street team, Rolling Thunder.  When she offered up this yummy looking dip/spread, I jumped at the chance.  Enjoy!

My daughter-in-law, Tabitha, makes this delicious ham rollup dip that indeed tastes like ham rollups without the putzing around.  Yum!


My daughter-in-law, Shaina, makes this cheese ball, which is turning into a family favorite.  


My family loves the beer dip I make.  It’s so easy and it doesn’t last long when I make it.

Do you have a favorite dip recipe you and your family love?  I’d love to try it, send it on over and let’s enjoy together.