Do Hobbies Make You a Better Writer?

Hello and welcome to Open Book Blog Hop, where writers write about – life.  I hope you’ll visit each and everyone of my friends as we discuss this week’s topic – Do Hobbies Make You a Better Writer?  The kindest thing you can do is share this post with your friends.

I’ve always been creative, even as a child.  While I didn’t write when I was growing up, I did find ways to be creative.  As an adult, I hop from one creative venture to another.  

My mind is always racing, even in sleep. I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about things I need to do, I’d like to do or I will do the following day.  When I have too much work and not enough play, my mind goes to creative ventures.  I like making things with my hands, when I’m writing stories and I get into a scene I either don’t love or isn’t going in a direction I can make work, I step away.  That’s when I’ll do a crafty project.  I love making jewelry or keys chains, wine charms, purse holders, and so much more.  


I always have a project or two in the wings waiting for a lull in writing.  While I’m crafting, I’m thinking about my stories and the direction it needs to go.  When my hands are busy, my mind is happy and weirdly a bit more uncluttered.

So to answer the question, do hobbies make you a better writer?  They do for me.  How about you, do your hobbies make you happy?  Fulfilled?   More content?  Show me a picture if you have one.  Let’s hop on over and see what my fellow hoppers do for crafts or hobbies.