Do you craft?

I’ve always crafted in one way or another. It’s how my brain works. I write a bit, then need a different creative outlet to think on my story a bit. It works for me.

Recently, my daughter-in-law, Shaina, (817 Designs on Facebook if you want to look up her gorgeous work) started making beautiful tumblers. I fell in love and wanted to do this too. It’s Shaina’s full time job, not mine and she’s way ahead of me in technique, but I still love doing it.

So, I started with coffee cups, cause, I have a collection of coffee cups. What can I say, I LOVE coffee cups. They make great gifts, they are funny and when I’m trying to wake up in the morning, I look at my pretty cup and smile. It’s a great way to start the day!

So, now I have all these fun coffee cups that I’ve made, so I decided to sell them. Check them out and if you’re looking for a fun gift, pick one up from my store. Where is that? Glad you asked. Right here on my website. Just click “shop” and it’ll take you to my store.

I’ll be easing into other tumblers and cups, and developing my technique, but gosh I love these.