Lethal Love is here!

And finally, book 3, Lethal Love is available. This book is different in that both Chuck and Nita have the same demon – they both feel inferior. But, for different reasons.

Chuck is a big man who’s father was, let’s just say, less than fatherly. He berated and mentally abused Chuck, who grew up with such self-doubt. Then he met Levi Jacobson and Levi not only put a lot of trust and acceptance in Chuck, he helped him gain his confidence.

Nita has her own self-doubt issues. She’s a big, beautiful woman who feels that no one wants her. Her husband cheated on her with a tiny woman and bam – self doubt city.

When these two meet, it’s happenstance. It’s also kizmet. But, bam – life throws a curveball. Nita’s son, Dax, is in trouble and guess who has to find him and bring him to justice. You got it, Big Chuck.

Well, we all know life can’t just be easy – where’s the fun in that?

Also, how about this H-A-W-T cover? The fabulous Becky McGraw designed it.

Read Lethal Love and tell me what you think of Chuck and Nita.

Get your copy here: https://www.pjfiala.com/books/lethal-love-bluegrass-security/