Life is hard, that’s why we read

When life gets to me, I read. When I feel out of control of all around me, I read. When I’m feeling blue, I read.

Reading takes me away from real life and transports me to the land of make believe. Where the heroes are sexy and the heroines are beautiful but sassy and admirable. Where friends and family help each other and don’t let each other down. Small towns, large cities, mountain hideaways, country ranches, wherever I want to go, there’s a book to take me there. As we enter this next horrible election cycle, the television will be turned off and I’ll have music in the background and a book in my hand. How about you?

If you’re looking for something to read, please allow a shameless plug to my own worlds of make-believe where my heroines are strong and my heros are sexy.

Big 3 Security begins with Ford: Finding His Fire – grab your copy today.