Missing Pieces has Released!

Missing Pieces (A Chandler County Novel)

A Story of Love, Trust & Honor

 Chandler County, Where the Unbridled Spirit of Romance Roams

I am pleased to partner with my friend and fellow author, PJ Fiala to sponsor the Chandler County multi-author branded series and honored to release Missing Pieces, the first book from the series, on April 11th 2017. My second book, entitled Missing Home, will be released in November 2017. Nine other authors will publish their books in this exciting endeavor during 2017. All books are based on our fictional towns, Chandlerville and Bourbonville Kentucky, ‘where the unbridled spirit of romance roams’.

 I had such a great time researching and writing Missing Pieces, my first romantic suspense novella. Chandlerville  is the perfect setting for my dynamic, unpredictable, capricious and occasionally unscrupulous characters. There’s never a dull moment with these folks.


As Chandlerville prepares for a series of local celebrations in honor of the annual Kentucky Derby in nearby Louisville, Kentucky, chaos ensues threatening to cancel the town’s festivities.

Rachel Blakely’s (editor of the Chandler County Chronicles), partnership  with ex-NYC socialite, AJ Manning crumbles in the midst of their planning for the town’s Derby-related activities.  AJ is the mayor’s wife and Rachel discovers that  Fitzgerald Manning, the mayor’s father, has close ties to an unidentified conglomerate of farm investors who may be coercing local farmers to sell their land.

Jairo Aquino, aka Blue, a handsomely, mysterious newcomer is trusted by no one and appears to have an investment scheme of his own. Arriving in Chandler County from Miami, Florida, Aquino has decided to put Chandler County on the map. “His plan was air tight. He just had to find a few missing pieces.”

Rachel and Blue continue to cross paths until they reach a point of no return where they accept they can no longer ignore the sizzle of their interactions and their constricted heart strings that cause them to question the true nature of their relationship.

Can she trust him? Can he trust her? Can they together find the missing pieces?

 I invite you to read Missing Pieces, a story about trust and relationships. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.





Meet Jairo Aquino





3 thoughts on “Missing Pieces has Released!”

  1. StephanyStephany

    Patti, thank you for sharing my excitement today with your readers and friends. I enjoyed working with you on the development of Chandler County and know that this book is just one of many!

    April 11, 2017
    • Nicole ONicole O

      Congratulations on your new release!!

      April 11, 2017

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