This week we’re going paranormal!  At least the freebie I’m able to offer you is.  If you like all things magical and fun, download Nefarious by Lucille Moncrief.  Not sure?  Check out the blurb:

Set in a steampunk Savannah, Georgia, Nefarious weaves a tale of intrigue, hidden desires, and devious intentions.

Talcott Henderson wants to live again.

A centuries-old vampire, he longs to destroy his maker and become human once more. In order to do so, he must turn another. While he sets his sights on Elyse Delafayette, Samuel Quartermaine sets his on Talcott. Will Talcott succeed in convincing Elyse to join the ranks of the undead before Samuel can stop him?

An excerpt:

“Her lips were a red seal over an unblemished envelope. What secrets did they hold? What secrets would they tell?”

Get your copy here: