Oh, the people we meet!

I’ve said this before, but one of the things I enjoy the most about riding is the people we meet.  Case in point, yesterday, The Biker and I were riding up to Bonduel for The Yancy Ride.  On our way, we stopped to gas up and in the pump next to us was this white Honda Trike pulling a trailer.  This bike was beautifully painted with the American Flag and the different branches of our military insignia’s and words of honor.  I was admiring the bike and reading all the messages on it when the bike’s owner walked out of the gas station.  I knew it was his bike right away when he saw me admiring it and his smile lit up the sky.  

I pulled this photo from Mark’s Facebook page.

I asked him, “Have you served?” 

“No ma’am, I honor those who serve and have served.”

“I have two sons who have served and are serving.”

“Thank them please for their service, it’s their dedication that makes this country safe.”

“Thank you for honoring all.”

He opened the trailer he was pulling and told The Biker and I he had something for us.  Reaching into a bag, he pulled out two dog tags and gave one to each of us.  Thanking us.  We chatted for a while about the area rides and the events going on.  He mentioned he was on his way to participate in a ride and we told him about the ride we were participating in.  In Wisconsin, summers are short and it’s often the case that more than one ride will be held on any given day.

Dog tags given to us by Mark Goebel.

We wished each other a safe ride and then went our separate ways, but I enjoyed meeting Mark and I love his cause.  Have you heard of the Patriot Guard Riders?  Check them out here.   If you have a bit to give by way of donation, you can do it on their website.  If not, thank a Veteran when you see them for all they do.

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