Release Party!!!!!!

Moving to You released at the beginning of September and I was so dang busy it just sort of happened without any fanfare.  That’s sad because it’s my favorite book to date.

To rectify this injustice to a great book, (my opinion of course), I’ve decided to hold a release party here!  That means that only readers of my blog will know about this and I have some awesome prizes.

MtY3Dspine 300First, the blurb:

Things are seldom what they seem, even when you think you know someone.

JT Sheppard is the last man standing in his family. That is, his father and brothers have fallen in love and married or are close to it; but, that’s not for him. He’s served his country in the Marines in Afghanistan and now it’s his time to have fun and enjoy life, unencumbered. He finally has the chance to show his dad that he can design award-winning bikes, and he’s determined to win the big showdown in Sturgis.

Kayden Leathers is a tough little gal with an entrepreneurial spirit and a zest for life, even though life hasn’t always been her friend. Raising her little girl on her own and keeping her dad’s bar running has become daily routine. Deciding to take her life in a different direction, she began developing her dream business; now all she needed was a little luck and a lot of help.

Kayden’s ex has some rough friends and they want her dad’s bar. Chasing away the clientele and putting her father in the hospital is just the beginning. JT wants to help Kayden, but in doing so finds out things aren’t always what they seem. As JT and Kayden get to know each other, they realize they have more in common than either dreamed. But trouble lurks around every corner. Can love conquer all?

Interested in a sneak peak? Click here.

Take a peek at these goodies:


So, what do you need to do to party like a biker?  It’s simple really.  Enter as many times as you want below in the Rafflecopter.

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91 thoughts on “Release Party!!!!!!”

  1. Congratulations on your new release!
    Shared this on Facebook and Pinterest.
    There was no image on Pinterest so I went under your page and shared the Moving to You book cover with the Amazon link.
    I don’t have a significant other!
    Thanks for the chance!

    • Thank you Nicole, I appreciate it. I checked on the Pinterest issue, it worked for me, so it could be a browser issue. Thank you again.

  2. Hi! So my hubby and I both got hired at the same time at Mervyns department store (closed now!) and have been hitched for 21years!

  3. We met through my oldest son’s Boy Scout outing with the troop before he joined the troop 2 weeks later..That was in February and we got married in August that same year at the Boy Scout camp we met at.

  4. I met my husband at work. I worked there for 1 year before he asked me out. Within 1 1/2 years we were married.

  5. I met my husband in the lobby of our dorm, my freshmen year his first senior year, and I was selling flowers for Sweetest Day. He asked if he bought 10 flowers would l go out on a date with him? I said yes and we’ve been together for 16 years.

  6. I met my husband at a hospital yes I was a candystriper and he was an orderly now 48yrs and still going!!

      • No, not really. My sister was just like, hey, you should come over and meet her son. Funny thing is, I just broke up with a boyfriend and didn’t really want to meet him, and he was actually dating someone at the time. But, I guess it was meant to be, been with him for 21 years now.

  7. I met my husband in my back yard. He was a neighbor and our dog introduced us when they insisted on playing together.

  8. I met my husband at our county fair. I was there with a guy friend (only a friend). When my friend dropped me off at my car, I went back to the fair to meet back up with my hubs. We have been together ever since. We joke that we met on a Friday, living together by Tuesday. 28 years, 5 kids (his, hers, theirs), and 6 grandkids later, still going strong.

  9. Met my husband in the 4th grade after my family moved to this area back in the 1960’s. Lost touch with him after high school, but in the late 80’s we reconnected and have been together ever since. Love that man!

  10. I went to High School & College with my Hubby, but didn’t start dating him until I was 27!!!

  11. I think sounds like a terrific book!I would love to read it.The wreath is beautiful!I am NOT craft savvy.I went to a craft party and they could not believe how bad I was.Sad?

    • Not everyone is good at everything. Lord knows I’m not. Thanks on the wreath. I can’t sing, I’m too short to be a model. I can only draw certain things. So, there is plenty I can’t do.

  12. I met at him at work at two different places!We have been married 32 (mostly)wonderful years!❤

  13. I met my husband at Wild Country, a country bar/club that I worked at. He always sat upstairs near the stairs and smacked my butt when I walked past.

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