Do you have a favorite painting?

This week on Open Book Blog Hop we’re talking about our favorite paintings.

Now, usually I’d be super quick to tell you that I am not necessarily and art aficionado and know very little about painting.   But that would be the part of me that felt as though I didn’t know enough about it to talk intelligently about art.

But, I do know what I like, and that counts for something, right?  A few years ago, a Harley Davidson dealership in Green Bay had an open house and Gene and I went.  At that open house sat Scott Jacobs in a back room surrounded by his art.  I fell in love.  

You know I love motorcycles and all things that go with motorcycles.  Scott Jacobs knows how to paint them so they look like photographs.  We ended up buying his book filled with all of his art because I couldn’t pick just one painting that I wanted.  Take a look at some of his art.  

Did you see a piece you liked?  I couldn’t decide for myself and honestly, I could watch him paint all day.  The process is so interesting to me.  

Let’s go see what my fellow authors love about art or painting.