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This week on Open Book Blog Hop we’re talking about our favorite job we had before becoming a writer.

I’ve been a wanderer for a large majority of my life.  I have the fortunate/unfortunate ability to be a quick study.  So, jumping into a new field is exciting and full of promise, then, I learn it and the fun is done.  Usually, its not so much the fun is done but as I began to master that particular job, I had to deal with the jealousy of others.  And, that’s when things go to the dogs for me.  I hate drama. Hate it. And dealing with people that love to create it or mire themselves down in it, is the best way for me to turn and walk out the door.

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All that said, I’ve tried a bunch of different jobs.  I waitressed – but that paid too little.  I worked in a grocery store (which is where I met my husband).  Again, too little pay too big drama.  I’ve worked in several factories.  I built boats from fiberglass – better pay – waaay big drama.  I made pots and pans – so, so pay – huge drama.  Then I went to cosmetology school and, while there is an enormous amount of drama, I was finally able to be creative.  I enjoyed school and learned quickly.  I found it easy to build a

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clientele and I had all of my credits in long before my time.  Here in Wisconsin, to graduate from cosmetology school, you have to have a certain amount of services performed on paying clients (perms, cuts, colors, styles, etc.) and you have to have a certain amount of hours (2,000).  So I had the opportunity to stand at the front desk to reception and that’s where the instructors stood.  I got to ask them questions and they helped me a ton in answering questions about the business of cosmetology.  I went on to do hair for more than 20 years, owned three salons, etc.  But, Oh. My. God. The drama of working with whiny creative women was over the charts.

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When I closed my last salon I took the opportunity to go back to school for Paralegal.  Now this I found super interesting and low drama.  I skated through school and an instructor recommended that I continue through school from my Associates Degree in Paralegal and earn my Bachelors Degree.  I did this and completed my degree in Human Resources Management.

All this aside, it still wasn’t enough for me. I still had stories running around in my head and characters that would ask me to tell their stories.  So, I began my writing and I’ve never been sorry. Oh, and the only drama are the ones I create in my stories – perfect.

My favorite of all of those?  I like working as a paralegal the most, though I find that its often an industry where anyone other than an attorney is treated with little respect.  That’s been disappointing, but its also what propels me to come home and write my stories to support myself with my writing.


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