The Perfect Prime Rib Dinner

I’ve been slacking lately and for that I apologize.  After attending the Barbara Vey Reader Appreciation Weekend, I found out my publisher is closing it’s doors at the end of May, so I’ve been busy getting my books ready for republishing.  As the song goes, “I’ve got a long way to go and a short time to get there.” 

But, I did happen to have the perfect Prime Rib Recipe to share.

1.  Get dressed. (Shower not necessary but encouraged).

2.  Go to your local restaurant. Here in Green Bay, we have Ziggy’s Inn.   Gene and I don’t go out to eat often, because we are normally disappointed with the food.  But, we’ve been to Ziggy’s twice in the past month. 

3.  Order a drink – this is an Old Fashioned – Southern Comfort Old Fashion with sweet soda and fruit. (I ate the fruit right away because I was hungry)







4.  Order your meal.  Prime Rib and hash browns for me.  


5. Eat!  Yes, so good.  Food is better when shared with people you love.  This is Gene and I with his mom, Shirley, for Mother’s Day.

Show me pictures of your favorite meals.


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