The Survey Says…Responses

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a survey because, I wanted to know your thoughts on a few things.  First of all, thank you for your time in answering these questions, I know how precious time is.  So, now, let’s review the responses.

Question 1: How often do you try to re ]]>

There were 6 responses in the other category and they were:

Up to 5 times a week
anytime I find one
Whenever I find one that interests me.
every chance I get.
If I read about a book I would like to read by an unknown author.
several times a week

Question 2:  When looking for a new author, how do you find them?

There were 25 responses in other, and those responses are:

check out free kindle ebooks
Saw it on Netgalley
Received a lot of different authors from the contests, bookbub, goodreads, Kobo, iBooks
Social media promos, ‘suggested’ books on e-reader apps
Recommendations by Kobo or e-mail newsletters
author, Amazon, or blogger suggestions.
Anthologies, free book offers
Ebook emails that show free books.
read a recommendation/review in a newsletter, see a book in a store
Recommendations from book blogs I follow
Newsletters from authors that feature books by others.
Another author recommended
Facebook groups
Reading book excerpt on different sites such as bookbub and digital book today
Browse Kindle, Kobo, iBooks, etc. for free reads, free books from newsletters and instafeebie
on other authors facebook pages
quite often in an authors newsletter that is talking up author friends 🙂
Library’s website
Facebook and Instagram
Other authors
Takeovers on Facebook
Facebook and Amazon
Recommendations of my favorite authors, Goodreads, Bookbub
Daily free books

 Question 3:  In a typical day, how much time to you spend on social networking websites?



Question 4:  How do you prefer to read?

There are 7 “other” responses and those are:

kindle app on computer and phone
Kobo, kindle app and iBooks
App on tablet
combination of Kindle and paperback
iPad with Kindle, Nook and iBooks apps
any way I can-I have books all those ways
depends I read on kindle and kobo as well as sony but there are a few authors that I always buy in print

Question 5: How important is the book cover to you?

has some influence, but not a lot
Not the thing that gets me. Usually it’s the back drop story, the intro , the teasers. And the author!
Somewhat, about 3 out of 10
Helps find and follow series, colours tend to attract.
Fairly important, I’m afraid I do judge a book by it’s cover. Although, I do nearly always read the synopsis on the back or online too.
Very important packaging I mean looks matter
first thing that catchs my eye
I try not to let that detract from trying a book out, but a good book cover can definitely attract me.
Not so much
It will grab my attention on a new author. Sometimes if I hate the cover I might not buy a book.
Very, that’s what catches my eye first. Then I read the blurb or reviews.
Depends on how it looks, some covers catch my eye first, others don’t interest me but I read the synopsis anyway.
Very important
The cover usually draws me in.
Very important
Moderately important
Extremely. A poor cover will not be looked at. I want something bright and eye-catching. A good title helps also (The Nymphos of Rocky Flats or The Undead Kama Sutra.)
very,I do judge a book by its cover.if it looks interesting or eye catching then that is the first step to open and read the blurb..if the subject matter on the cover looks cheap,boring or not what I am interested in then my interest stops there.
About 20% of decisions to buy
If I am browsing, then the cover catches my eye first. If looking for a specific author then title is usually the first thing I look at.
not overly but I have bought a book soley for the cover and I have also not bought a book because I didn’t like the cover
Fairly. It helps you to picture the setting or the characters
Hey, we eat with our eyes, but stories drive my interest
To me the cover is what draws you in. If the cover does not look good to me I will not even bother picking up the book to see what it is about.
I go more by the blurb than the cover
VERY important. Probably my main reason to choose a book
Very important
It’s not the most important but it is the thing that catches my eye most times to get me to investigate further about the book.
a good book cover will make me look twice to see what it is about
Not important!
Not very much
It’s the first thing I see so it’s very important that it draws me to the book
On a scale of 1-10? 7
The cover usually gets my attention as to me the author did not just throw something on the cover.
It’s what gets my initial attention,so pretty important, but not as important as the sample reading.

 Question 6:  How often do you enter a contest for books, or money or both? (40 responses)

as often as I cvan
Facebook and blogs of authors I read
2 times a day
Every day
Daily, if possible
Once or twice a month maybe?
quite often
4 times a day
3-4 x week
One every few months
At least 3 times a week.
As often as I see one via newsletter or Facebook
4 times a week
Very often
3 times a year
Rarely. My house rivals a small town library
every chance I get…but the ones that have you hopping from one authors page to another to click and takes forever I am starting to stay away from because      they take so much time and then when its over,its hard to find the links or posts to see if I won..because I am not friends with every single one of those          authors. Rafflecopter is good if its not a lot of enters to to.
As often as I can
usually at least once a week
5-6 times/ month which is a new thing for me but I like to support authors and indie publishers
all the time
Several times a day
as often as offered
3x @ week
Multiple times a day
some depending on what it is
weekly or as often as I can
Twice a month
about once or twice a month. depending
A couple of times a year.

 Question 7:  Any other comments?

I love to read. Hubby says I will read the back of cereal boxes if there is nothing else around.
Love the author giveaways and free books from other sources
nice survey
I prefer hard backs but will read almost anything.
I just love to read. There is not enough time in the day!
I like getting emails from writers that I like. I sign up for emails or blogs.
I love finding new authors,even if I dont get to read their books right away..tbr list is huge,lol and again for the contests,keep it simple.
I read over 500+ books a year
great survey authors should do them more often to get feedback from readers
Thank you and have a great day!
In response to question 5, I am first attracted to a book because of the cover. Lots of times, I get a book solely based on the cover.
Love you ??
Not really

So to recap:  First of all, thank you to everyone who took your precious time to answer these survey questions.  I’ll be doing a survey from time to time to find out what your thoughts are.  Mostly because I honestly want to know, but also because times change, people change, industry changes and I’d like to stay on top of it as much as possible.  

It seems from your responses, that a book cover is very important. (I have to agree, I see some covers and an so surprised that the author allowed that cover to go to press.)  But then again, everyone’s taste is different.  If you think of the old saying: “You never get the chance to make a second first impression.” this is true for book covers as well.  

You all seem to be interested in trying new to you authors (awesome).  I’ve spoken about this before, but what Indie Publishing has done for us as readers is given us so much to choose from.  Before indie publishing, all that was available to us was what the big 6 publishers decided we should read. Now, we can read what we want. And there is a plethora of reading material for everyone.  Plus, because of indie publishing and readers who love reading what they love, more and more sub-genres are opening up each year.  Congratulations to you all for pushing that change to the forefront.  Like romance? Great. Love biker romance or rock star romance or inspirational romance – NOW it’s out there.

Most of you seem to read on your electronic devices.  I do as well.  I read on my phone.  It’s always with me and it makes a long wait (doctor, dentist, bank, where ever) much more fun!

My biggest surprise is that you all don’t seem to read an author you’ve met at a signing.  So, if you are so inclined, can you comment whether you enjoy attending signings?  Do you only go if you know an author’s work and want to meet him/her?  I’d love to know.  I’m appearing at a few signings in the next year and want to make sure my time in traveling to an event, appearing and gathering fun things to bring with me is well spent. Otherwise, I could be writing.  What are your thoughts on this?

Thank you all for participating, I sure do appreciate it.