We love our protectors strong and alpha

When I set out to write my GHOST series I dreamed of strong, smart men who love fiercely and protect the women they fall for. I’m proud to say – Mission Accomplished! These men and women of GHOST are people I’d want to be friends with. People I’d want in my corner when the chips are down. People I’d love to hang with, party with, celebrate with. Basically, I LOVE these characters.

It started with Big 3 Security to be truthful. I started writing Ford, Lincoln and Dodge and fell in love with the people they were. Then I decided Big 3 needed to branch out, expand their business and Dodge needed a strong woman to basically kick his ass. Enter Jax. Jacqueline Masters, the strong, fierce and lovable GHOST operative who tamed Dodge! Then, Big 3 merged with GHOST and their spark melded into the men I’d planned for GHOST.

Last week, I gave you the opportunity to read Defending Keirnan for free. I wanted you to get to know how GHOST came to be and the sort of people they’d always be. This week, I’m continuing the adventure by offering you Defending Sophie for only .99 cents. But, it’s only good July 9 – 11, so don’t delay in one-clicking.

Take a look at what readers are saying about Defending Sophie:

I have read all of PJ’s books and this one is filled with suspense, romance, and a great story. When we think all is lost in a forever ago relationship, we need to investigate from all sides. Sophie has lost her best friend, Gaige and her have not seen each other in over 20+ years and she is in deep trouble. He comes to help her unravel the truths about what happened to her best friend and help her clear her record. On so many levels, twists in this book, leave you thinking it is one character until you learn all the ones involved. Great story and can’t wait for Roxanne’s story next. – Bookworm


Ms. Fiala has crafty a nifty mystery that will keep readers reading to find out whodunit. There’s a red herring—with white hair and ice cold eyes—and the patsy who didn’t do anything except be stupid. Add in a second chance romance that finally comes to fruition and you have an entertaining and interesting GHOST read. – Colorado Avid Reader


Wowsa I absolutely loved this book and the storyline flowed from the beginning until the end and all the characters were absolutely awesome. I am so very blessed to have been able to get an arc and I am absolutely blown away by this book.

Sophie must call the man shes loved since she was 16 and ask for help before someone gets to her and kills her. Gaige runs GHOST and was Sophie brother best friend until tragically he was killed in Afghanistan. Gaige has longed for his best friend sister and now needs his help. He knows he cant refuse to help her but can he keep her alive ?

This book had alot of twist and turns and suspense and romance and chemistry and steamy sex scenes and absolutely loved it. If I could give this book a 10 I would have because it’s that good. – Terra Oenning

Grab your copy of Defending Sophie while it’s on sale –> http://pjfiala.com/Books/DS-Amazon