What inspires you?

This week we’re talking about what inspires us.  So I had to think about this one, because everything inspires me.  

Let me give you an example.  Gene and I were standing on the deck of a bar we were at, waiting for a charity ride to begin.  I saw a couple walking up to the bar that I hadn’t seen in a while and I smiled.  This couple had been married and divorced and married to each other again.  I’m happy they’ve got it right this time.  Then I glanced over at my best friend and her husband chatting with some folks.  They’ve been married, divorced and remarried to each other.  My husband asked what I was chuckling about and I told him what I just figured out.  He then pointed to another couple of friends of ours who’ve been through the same thing.  It was at that point that I realized, every person, couple, family or group has a story to tell.  Some of them, many stories or snippets of stories that can be strung together and woven into a great story.  

Looking around at the people I associate with either on a daily or minimal basis, I find that all I need to do is ask a couple of questions and a story unfolds.  What inspires you?  It doesn’t have to be telling stories, it can be drawing, painting, cooking, or any other pursuit.  

What inspires you?

6 thoughts on “What inspires you?”

  1. The same thing struck me recently when waiting around in a hospital foyer, that everyone going past me had a story to tell. We see it that way because we’re writers!

  2. Human relationships. Sitting on a mall bench (which we have to travel to do) watching the crowd go by … you see so much and people don’t even know. Asking people about themselves … just eavesdropping on people in a restaurant … yeah.

  3. Restaurants are also a great place for people watching. If you’re lucky, you can even overhear bits and pieces of their conversation and make up stories from that!

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