What is your go-to relaxation?

This week we’re asking the question, What’s Your Go-To Relaxation?

Let’s help each other out and share what our go-to relaxation is. [tweet_dis excerpt=”Let’s help each other out and share what our go-to relaxation is. Everyone has something they do to help them relax. #Bloglovin”] Everyone has something they do to help them relax.  Then there are other things we’d prefer to do.[/tweet_dis]

For me, I relax a number of ways and it depends on the time of year and the weather.

I’m a biker, so my favorite way to relax is to ride. It’s not relaxing like closing your eyes and getting rest, but my mind is able to think about my stories and I’m not being interrupted with other people talking to me, messaging me or otherwise breaking my concentration.  I’m able to work out plot holes and twists, I’m able to develop my characters much more than I can do at any other time. Add some warm weather, sunshine and great riding companions and it’s a perfect day.

During the winter of course, we can’t ride so I have to find other forms of relaxation.  My favorite is a massage or even a pedicure.  Those can get pricey though so I have to sparingly seek them out.

Having a glass of wine and vegging out in front of the television while binge watching a favorite show is my winter relaxation.  I watch for plots, character development and interesting twists and turns.

What do you do for relaxation?  Let me know and then let’s go and see what my fellow hoppers do for relaxation.

2 thoughts on “What is your go-to relaxation?”

  1. I’ve heard riding a bike is like meditation. When I was a teen, I used to mow our huge lawn (4 acres), and I’d put on the noise cancelling headset with my earbuds under, and do exactly what you described. I was just learning to write then, and this helped me a great deal to grow as a writer. And I never felt better than after those long hours going in circles and being able to clear my head.

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