What’s on your Bucket List?

This week we’re talking about what’s on our bucket lists.  So, I used to think this was a sad conversation to have but now I realize its a goal list and it can change as any list changes.  So, my views have changed.

The first thing on my bucket list is a trip to Italy.  I’ve always wanted to go, especially to the Tuscan Valley area.  I’ve seen the pictures of the gorgeous landscapes, read stories of the people there and of course I’ve had the wine that is made there.  All in all, I want to see and experience it all.  I’d love to stay in a villa and walk the streets to get a good view of what it’s like to live there. 

The second thing on my bucket list is to spend at least a year traveling the US in a motorhome.  I’d like to pull a trailer with the motorcycles in it so that when we stop, we can ride the area and really get to know this land we live in.  I always tell people that spend every year going to Mexico that I don’t understand the fun in that.  We have such beautiful places here in the US to explore.  The places we’ve gone on our bikes have taken my breath away with the scenery, the great roadways and the food.  Traveling by motorcycle enables us to really involve ourselves in the area we’re in.

This year we’re taking our bikes and riding through Colorado.  That’s one of the things on my bucket list. Colorado is a beautiful state, so much to see and do.  However, we’ll be on motorcycle, so we’ll ride as much of it as we can and not much else.  We have 14 people going in our group and we’ve rented two homes while we’re out there.  One just outside of Boulder and one in Durango. We’ll spend 3 days in each home and ride in a different direction each day to see as much as we can see.  After this trip I’ll have another bucket list motorcycle trip and that’s to ride the whole upper most US Highway 2 which runs along the upper most part of the US and then once we hit the western US, hop on Highway A1A and ride the western coast all the way down.  That will probably be a month long trip and is the trip we’re saving for the year we both retire.  

There are the other big life moments I have on my bucket list; I have two children who haven’t met and married their life partners, I’d love to see that. I have grandchildren and I want to watch them grow and mature into good people, attend their graduations, weddings and baby’s being born.  

These are all part of my bucket list.  What’s on your bucket list?  Let’s share with each other then hop on over to my fellow authors and see what’s on their bucket list.

13 thoughts on “What’s on your Bucket List?”

  1. There are so many wonderful places to visit. I think we’d need to live many lifetimes to be able to see them all.

    • I agree with that. Maybe we do live those lifetimes. I’m just happy to live in a time where so much of it is possible.

  2. Durango Colorado is a nice town. We were on a student trip once and ended up in the middle of their parade, which they seemed cool with. After the initial “oh-my-goodness-how-did-we-get-here?” shock, we started waving and pretending we belonged there until an opening in the crowd allowed us to escape. Good times.

    I wanted to spend more time there, but given we’d just been parade crashers, the people I was with wanted to get out of town as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, I’ve never had the opportunity to return, but my daughter spent a week there when their band van broke down and she says it’s a great town. It was bean harvesting season, so they found jobs and met some really nice people.

  3. You’ll love the ride down A1A. Absolutely gorgeous. But take the rain gear!

      • Brookings, where I lived, historically got like 80 inches of rain a year although they’ve been in a drought for a few years. (I think it finally broke this year.) But a lot of times when it isn’t raining, there can be a heavy, damp fog especially in the morning. Part of it depends upon what time of year you go.

        • Okay, got it. We always travel with our rain gear, you just never know from morning till night what the day will hold. Thank you for the tip.

  4. One thing on my Bucket List is to go to Poland to see where my mom was born, I already went to Puerto Rico and saw where my father’s family came from so that was one off the list.

    • I think that’s fabulous. Cool that you got to see where your father’s family came from. A lot of people don’t get to do that.

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