Will and a Way!

I’ve mentioned Seasoned Romance before.  Its a facebook group that showcases “seasoned” adults in romance novels.  I’ve met some great folks in that group, Maggie is one of those people.  I was excited when she agreed to be here with us this week.  Love mature characters?  Here’s a great romance for you as well as a great “seasoned” author.  Please meet Maggie Wells…

Earlier this month, the second book in my Worth the Wait Romance series, A WILL AND A WAY, was released. This series is special to me because it features heroes and heroines closer to fifty than twenty. And they’re HOT. Super-hot. This may not sound like a big deal to most people, but to romance writers, we know it’s something special. Age is one of the great taboos in the world of romance literature. Older people having steamy sex? Heaven forbid! But I’m a rebel. Or, maybe just stubborn. But I keep writing these stories, hoping they’ll find their audience.

When people ask why I choose to write more mature characters I like to give them one of my top ten good reasons to write about love after forty:

10) The buying power of tech-savvy Boomer and Gen X demographics have finally caught the publishing industry’s attention.

9) Is there anything sexier than a hero with a few character lines in his face?

8) The majority of romance readers are women 30-54 years old and they want to see more heroines like themselves.

7) Let’s face it. Sex is more fun once you’ve moved past the age of worrying how you look from every conceivable angle.

6) Your hero and heroine have arrived at a time in their lives where they’re not so compelled to play the dating games the younger folk so enjoy, nor do they blanch at the mere mention of the L word. At least, let’s hope not. There’s nothing more intriguing than a couple diving into a new relationship with eyes wide open.

5) They take the time to wine and dine. People with a little…seasoning appreciate romance and take the time to savor the sweet things.

4) Heroines can look like Sandra Bullock, Julianne Moore, Courtney Cox, or Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and no one can say, “ No way!”

3) Or, you can make them look like me, or you, or your mom and it’s still okay, because hopefully you’re writing a guy who’s at the age where he’s looking for more than perky boobs and a tiny butt.

2) Life experience lends natural poignancy to emotion-packed scenes. No need to mine for over-wrought dialogue or trumped-up drama. They’ve already got it in them.

1) John Stamos and Rob Lowe are over fifty. So are Denzel Washington, Jon Bon Jovi, and Colin Firth. Oh, and George Clooney, Tom Hanks, Viggo Mortenson…Sorry. I got a little carried away with this one. But let that sink in for a minute. That’s right. The possibilities are delicious!

Anyway, whatever reason works. I plan to continue doing what I’m doing. As a matter of fact, the next Worth the Wait Romance, A BOLT FROM THE BLUE, is written and slated for release next April!

What’s a nice widow like you doing in a place like this? Consummate ladies man Will Tarrant has made it to middle age without walking down the aisle. People think he’s anti-marriage, but he knows he just hasn’t met the right woman yet. Then he lays eyes on Southern Belle Betty Asher—in the neighborhood pub of all places. She’s new in town, perfectly gorgeous—and a perfect lady. But can Will be a perfect gentleman?…

With small town life and her cheating late husband behind her, Betty is looking forward to big city adventure. When she captures the attention of the local heartthrob, she even indulges in some hot and heavy flirtation. After all, it isn’t everyday she gets to play the merry widow. She assumes their acquaintance will end there, until a job interview lands her in Will’s office—and in his arms once more. Despite their irresistible attraction, Betty’s enjoying her freedom, while Will’s finally ready to put a ring on it. Now he’ll just have to convince her that nothing could be sweeter than being tied down—with him…

Available now from Kensington Publishing.

I’ll give away one digital copy of A WILL AND A WAY. Tell me, is there any ‘Seasoned’ actor or actress who gets your motor running? 

By day Maggie Wells is buried in spreadsheets. At night she pens tales of people tangling up the sheets. She’ll tell you she’s a deep down dirty girl, but you only have to scratch the surface of this mild-mannered married lady to find a naughty streak a mile wide. The product of a charming rogue and a shameless flirt, she just can’t help herself…

Find Maggie at:

Website: http://maggie-wells.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MaggieWells1

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Maggie-Wells/175597205824257

And if you like romance featuring more mature characters, join our Seasoned Romance group on Facebook!


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  1. I’ve already got my copy of AWAAW, but I just wanted to say hello as a huge supporter of Maggie Wells and seasoned romance! 🙂 Let’s hear it for mature characters! 🙂

  2. I had never thought about age when reading, but I think this is a great idea as I guess you could say I’m seasoned, just don’t have anyone. 😔

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