Lynyrd Station Protectors – Special Ops Big Bundle

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When the only team that can handle the job, is the one that doesn’t exist.

Being in the protection field comes in handy when the feisty women who have captured their hearts find themselves in need of a protector.

Begin the GHOST series with three heart-pounding romantic suspense stories sure to keep you up at night. This collection contains a single father embarking on a new life; a second chance for a couple who lost out on their first; enemies to lovers who find themselves stuck together while looking for a murderer.

This set contains:
Defending Keirnan
Defending Sophie
Defending Roxanne

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When the only team that can handle the job, is the one that doesn’t exist.

Being in the protection field comes in handy when the feisty women who have captured their hearts find themselves in need of a protector.

Book 1: Defending Keirnan

Dane Copeland is dealing with the loss of his wife, his five year old daughter and his new life out of the military. Meeting his daughter’s sexy teacher, Keirnan Vickers, has his mind whirling. When Keirnan is kidnapped, Dane finds himself hellbent to find her.

Book 2: Defending Sophie

Gaige Vickers has a company of operatives to manage. But when Sophie Turner, the woman he’s dreamed of but could never have, calls for help, Gaige drops everything he’s doing to save her life. Finally together, but on the run proves interesting as sparks fly, passion burns and a murderer must be found.

Book 3: Defending Roxanne

Hawk Delaney is determined to uncover the deadly secrets on the mission he’s tasked with. When he finds an intruder during recon, things take a turn. Roxanne Bowman is searching for her dead parents murderer. What she doesn’t need is an intruder in her parents home trying to run the show. They’ll need to work together or a murderer will go free – but the truth threatens everything.

Book 4: Defending Yvette

Special operative Wyatt Lawson is doing a favor for a friend. This favor turns out to be a sexy, irresistible woman in deadly trouble. When he finds her battered and bruised he decides several things at once; protect her, teach her to defend herself and to make her his. Trouble is, Yvette Jacobsen isn’t looking for a relationship, she’s in need of help and protection. Suddenly, life changes in ways neither of them expected.

Book 5: Defending Bridget

Special operative Axel Dunbar is running from his past heart aches. His healing comes in the form of getting down and dirty as a GHOST agent. Bridget Byrnes is self-sufficient and strong. Her strength comes from raising her son alone after a one-night stand left her expecting. Running into that one-night stand years later and learning he isn’t at all who she expected is one thing. Being kidnapped just when things seemed to be changing, that’s a game changer.

Book 6: Defending Isabella

Special operative Josh Masters is on a much needed vacation to celebrate a friend’s wedding. Running into a wedding party while out celebrating was fun, until the groom imbibes too much and needs an escort home. Sparks fly when Josh meets the grooms sister, Do. Isabella Martinez. Isabella believes Josh is dangerous and impulsive and wants nothing to do with him. Until her brother is kidnapped and she needs his help. The kidnappers have set a deadline, time is not on their side.

The entire Lynyrd Station Protectors – Special Ops, Romantic Suspense Series can be read as standalones. Six steamy romantic stories with guaranteed happily ever afters, it does have some strong language and exciting sexy times. Enjoy!


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