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Saving women and children from traffickers is a job for only the toughest special operatives. These operatives are called RAPTOR.

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Grab this exciting nine signed paperback book bundle! Nine wounded former military, special operatives retrained to hunt down traffickers and their victims. 

This set includes:

Saving Shelby – Diego Josephs suffers from PTSD. With his faithful, trained dog, Ted, Diego sets out to find two children kidnapped from their home. What he also uncovers is a kidnapper with a heart and a murderer without one.

Holding Hadleigh – Donovan Keach is deaf in one ear due to an IED explosion. It doesn’t stop him from helping children who have been wronged. Donovan uncovers a social worker way in over her head and a trafficker who needs to be stopped.

Craving Charlesia – Charlesia Sampson lost her left arm below the elbow while serving her country. When she finds a child in need of saving at the scene of a murder, she lets nothing stop her, not even big burly detective Sam Bowers.

Promising Piper – Piper Dillon has been left with a severe back injury after her military career ended. But, she has a new purpose now, and that’s using her crack computer skills to locate a team of traffickers and their victims. Even if it means using Royce Roman, the handsome new quarterback for the Vegas Sinners.

Missing Mia – Caiden Marx knows lost love. Putting that heartache aside, he’s devoted his life to finding those who’ve been taken and abused. What he also finds is Mia Gregory, the woman he thought was dead, and never thought he’d see again.

Believing Becca – Having a prosthetic leg doesn’t stop Deacon Smythe from tracking down a known child trafficker. The issue is the pesky hacker who may ruin his operation. First, finding Becca Bentley must be accomplished, then on to the trafficker to end his trafficking operation. 

Keeping Kori – Shot by a trafficker while trying to apprehend him, Falcon Montgomery becomes more determined than ever to get this man. The trouble is the sexy EMT standing in his way.

Healing Hope – Creed Rowan doesn’t let the loss of a led stop him from doing everything possible to save those who need him. Saving Hope Diamond from a yacht transporting her to a life of hell, changes both of them.

Engaging Emersyn – Rescuing people in dire straights was just another day in the life of Emersyn Copeland. Afterall, her father and grandfather started GHOST years ago. She’s vowed to stop a huge trafficking ring, if its the last thing she ever does in life. However, her injuries are proving to be more than she can handle. Seeking the help of a nearby doctor, what she learns has her reeling. Chase Nicholas has been involved in some weird science while serving his country. Never aware of the absolute power of such science, he’s accidentally compromised the only woman he’s ever loved.

Entire series complete!

USA Today bestselling author PJ Fiala brings you the entire RAPTOR series — heroes willing to sacrifice everything in service to their country, and for the women they love. Full length novels with no cliffhanger, no cheating, and a happily-ever-afters guaranteed.

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