31 years and counting!

gene-patti-110thSeptember 7th marked 31 years I’ve been married to this amazing man.  I wanted to take this moment to write about this as in this day and age, many couples don’t make it 31 years, heck few make it 2 years.

We’ve had our ups and downs, just like any other couples.  Life is seldom perfect and when living with another person in an intimate capacity, you need to have a strong foundation to make it through those ups and downs.


We’ve been through job loss (mine and his) and tough financial times and still we’re hanging in there.

I’m a cancer survivor so we’ve had to stay strong through surgery, radiation and almost a full year of me not feeling well or wanting to do anything.  During that time, we had smaller children and someone needed to be able to keep the household going, but we’re still here.

We’ve mourned the loss of family members and friends and still we’re together.

gene-and-patti-at-debs-weddingWe’ve endured raising children and all that entails as their wants and needs took a front seat to ours. Many weeks we didn’t feel like a couple because we were inundated with running kids to this event and that and forgot to touch base with each other as husband and wife. But, we managed.

heritage-hill-2As we enter the fall of our lives, and looking forward to retirement and traveling for just ourselves before we’re unable to do so, we’re stronger than ever because we’ve made it through so many of life’s challenges.




Gene, I love you and if I had it to do over, I’d do it all with you again!  Thank you for being an amazing husband, best friend, confidant, riding partner, father and now grandfather.  Here’s to another 31 and more, there’s no one else I’d rather ride into the sunset of life with.