And the survey says!

We’re surveying our readers to see what they have to say about a bunch of things and this week I’m surveying about book covers.

So I posted a survey about book covers on my Facebook page and in my newsletter.  Let me know what you think.  Here are the questions for you to see, and you can answer them here , so the results get tabulated.

1. What is your first reaction to naked man chest?


2. When you see a book cover with a naked man chest you automatically assume…


3. What’s your cover preference?


4. When shopping for a new book, I look for…


5. My favorite genre to read is

6. My favorite sub-genre to read is

Did you take the survey?  Please take just a minute to do so.  You can access the survey here.  
Let’s go and see what my fellow bloggers surveyed their readers on.  

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