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What’s been the hardest project for you to work on?

This week I released with 12 other authors a Kindle World book for Sapphire Falls. The experience was wonderful but I used this book to start my new series, Bluegrass Security. So, in the end, my characters leave for the opportunity to open their own security business in Kentucky. I had set so many crazy parameters for myself and felt boxed in. It took an epiphany of sorts for me to come out of my corner. My husband and I got together with the neighbors (we do at least twice per year). One of my neighbors, out of the blue, said, “I just love your books. I’ve never told you that and I’m sorry. But, I love them.”

I was surprised, excited and humbled. She made me realize that people do like my work. Sometimes we authors suffer from self-doubt. It’s my biggest downfall. But, the next morning I sat down and decided to be true to myself and my characters. I stopped worrying about whether this group of fans would like my book, or that group of fans would see value and started writing the story I wanted to tell. In the end, the story came out pretty dang nice. The early reviews I’m seeing are extremely positive.

Are your characters entirely fictitious or have you borrowed from real world people you know?

I’ve borrowed from real people for almost all of my characters. People are so interesting and, I’ll admit, I’m a people watcher at heart. When we’re out on the bikes, I just love watching people interact with each other. Sometimes, ha, well all of the time, I’m able to put people into my characters based on some of the things I see when I’m out and about. It’s super fun.

Would you share one detail from your current release with readers that they might not find in the book?

I don’t mention Sage’s mom very much in the book. She passed away from cancer a few years before the story begins and it affected Sage. She was away in the Army, actually deployed to Afghanistan when her mom passed away. Sage has left over feelings of emptiness for not being with her mom in the end and its why she left the Army to care for her father when he was diagnosed.

Who has been the most difficult character for you to write? (Any of your books)

Ryder Sheppard from Moving to Hope was difficult. Ryder is shy and quiet. I have a son who is shy and quiet and I tried modeling some of Ryder off of him. But, the hard part was making a shy quiet man interesting and the hero of a story. I had to dig deep for that one. But, his story came out great and he’s one of my favorites to date because he is just a nice man. Protective, handsome and loving, but not without flaws.

What is your vacation pet-peeve?

My husband and I are bikers. Every year we go on a large trip for 10-12 days and usually we’re with a larger group of people. The people we have biked with for years are fabulous to ride with. You see, there’s a bit of etiquette when biking with a large group. It’s reasonably simple and it everyone simply followed the etiquette, it would be a wonderful world. Here’s our biker travel etiquette:

  • When we stop for gas, everyone gases up. As a group you can only travel as far as the smallest gas tank in the group. But, sometimes, a biker will decide he has about a half tank and not gas up when we stop. That usually means, we have to stop early because, you guessed it, that biker is running low on fuel. Just gas up at every stop and your group will make better time and be less irritated.

  • When we stop to eat, everyone eat! Gosh, again, so damn simple but, gah, people are so selfish. We’ve traveled in the past with a couple and, I call her Miss Opposite. If we ate, she wouldn’t only to make us all wait for her to get food at the next stop. So. Damned. Frustrating. We don’t ride with Miss Opposite anymore.

  • If we’re traveling a distance the following day, don’t get so drunk that you’re hung over the night before. I know, it seems simple but again, we’ve had a vacation where we traveled with a Princess who felt as though getting drunk and making us stop so she could eat some crackers or get a soda wasn’t an imposition. We don’t ride with Princess anymore.

  • If there is someplace you feel strongly about seeing during the trip, tell the leader or someone, that it’s important to you. We usually have a very loose game plan when we take off on a trip. Each evening we sit around and have a few drinks and discuss where we’re heading the following day. It’s at this time, it’s important to tell someone if there is somewhere you want to go. Don’t pout about it afterwards because you didn’t get to see_____. It’s no one’s fault but your own if you don’t speak up. We’re bikers, not mind readers.

  • When staying in a VRBO together, everyone pitches in to make meals, do dishes and laundry. Don’t toss your clothes in a pile and expect your laundry to be washed, folded and put away. Umm, no. When you see people in the kitchen preparing a meal, don’t sneak outside and smoke. Again, no. It’s everyone’s vacation, not just yours, your majesty. Oh, and in case you didn’t guess it, we don’t travel with the queen anymore either.

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PJ Fiala

Romance On Wheels

Happily ever-afters are real; I’m living mine right now.


Reading one of my books is like taking a ride with your new best friends.

The weather won’t always be perfect, but the company will.

Life won’t always be easy but the journey will be worth it.

Love is sometimes complicated, but that feeling you get when you’ve just fallen in love

will last with you through the final page and beyond.


  1. I’ve always had stories running through my head.

  2. Yes, I believe my characters are real people.

  3. I’m a dreamer in all things.

  4. Chocolate makes me happy, wine, coffee and my family do too.


List of works:

Rolling Thunder Series

  • Moving to You, Book 1
  • Moving to Hope, Book 2
  • Moving to Forever, Book 3
  • Moving to Desire, Book 4
  • Moving to You, Book 5

Second Chances Series

  • Designing Samantha’s Love, Book 1
  • Finding Kiera, Book 2
  • Engineering Jessie’s Love, Book 3

Box Sets:

  • Hometown Heroes
  • Stories of Sun, Sand & Sea
  • Duty, Honor & Love
  • Love in Times of War

Sapphire Falls Kindle World

  • We’re Going to Make It

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Patti writes sexy, steamy romance. Her personal experience as a biker as well as her family military history is what makes what she writes unique and special.

Best of luck Patti! tf

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