Judith Lucci talks about Irish Pubs, a Countess and a retired police dog

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Michaela is a retired homicide detective who owns an Irish pub in Richmond. Countess Dottie Borchase is her 82 year best friends. Angel is Mic’s retired police dog. Together they solve a horrific crime.


Retired homicide detective Michaela McPherson and the aging Countess Dorothy Borghase team up again—this time to match wits with two serial killers stalking children, women and the elderly. When Dottie Borghase’s friend Camilla Rothrock collapses at a lunch gathering of old friends, the countess’s only concern is to dial 911 for help. But Camilla’s subsequent death has authorities buzzing about international safety and retaliation, because her son is decorated U.S. Army General Stuart Rothrock.

As other restaurant patrons in Richmond meet similar fates, Michaela and Dottie join forces with the Richmond Police and the FBI to track down the pair of heinous murderers. But in order to catch the killers, they will put their own lives and the lives of others in in serious jeopardy.

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