Can Love be Lethal?

Lethal Love is book three in my Bluegrass Security series. Readers fell in love with Chuck in books one and two and had been asking for his book.

Chuck didn’t have a happy family life. His dad constantly berated and abused him growing up and since he was a big man, he was always told he was too big, too stupid and lazy to ever make it in life. Kids who are repeatedly told this tend to believe these things. Chuck did too. But a chance meeting in a coffee shop with Levi had Chuck going off on his own, leaving the family farm and starting over with Levi as a helper in the security company.

When Levi moved his operation from Nebraska to Kentucky, Chuck followed him there. And, he learned he was smart. He is capable. He is worthy. At least he was beginning to. That is, until Chuck is tasked with his first solo job for the security firm and that job is finding out who is supplying the local teens with drugs. But, first, Chuck needs to clean up his act – as in, get a haircut, look presentable, figure it all out.

Nita Brown is a big beautiful woman. Widowed with three children, Nita was finally beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel. She’d opened her own hair salon, and she was making money. Enough money that she could add on to her little shop. Life was turning around for her. Then, Chuck walked in her door and wowza – Nita couldn’t believe her eyes. They both got hit with Cupid’s arrow that day. But, nothing is easy.

Nita’s son is a bit of a troubled soul and he’s soon Chuck’s prime suspect, which, doesn’t go over well with Nita. Sometimes things seem too good to be true.

Find out what happens with Chuck and Nita and the crew in Lethal Love.

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