Finish Line + Kentucky Bluegrass

I have family in Kentucky. My father’s roots are there. Both of my father’s parents were born and raised in Kentucky and Gene and I get back there as often as we can to visit my family there. So, when I wrote Finish Line it was with all of this in my heart. Plus, the derby. Right? It’s hard to think of Kentucky without thinking about the Derby.

So, Finish Line was born. I set it in Bourbonville Kentucky, which is a small town located right between Louisville and Lexington. Since bourbon is also a big part of Kentucky (whiskey is only whiskey if it isn’t distilled in Kentucky. Whiskey distilled in Kentucky is bourbon), hence the town named Bourbonville.

Bourbonville is like every small town America. Everyone knows your business, whether you want them to or not, and if they don’t know it, they make it up. There is always a town gossip or two and there is always a town tramp. Then, there are all the small but necessary businesses that crop up in towns and there you have a town that’s easy to write about.

So, Finish Line is about Mac (Sam) McKenzie one of the 4 owners of Bluegrass Security, and Detective Stevie (Stephanie) Jorgenson. Mac is enjoying his new town, his new house, his new business. He’s working with friends and they are making some great money so really, what’s not to love?

Stevie Jorgenson. Stevie worked her tail off becoming not only a detective, but the first female detective in Bourbonville history. She wasn’t going to let anyone take anything away from her. That included the nasty ring of criminals who had recently come into town to poison prime horse stock who were contenders for the coveted Kentucky Derby prize. Stevie’s dad is one of the victims of these criminals and though she and Mac had a one-night stand, when she finds out he’s working for her prime suspect, they butt heads. A lot.

That is until they decide it’s better to work together. A love together. And all the sexy stuff they do is very enjoyable to both of them.

But, they still have criminals to catch and life isn’t always easy, where would the fun be in that?

Grab your copy of Finish Line and see what happens to Stevie and Mac as they try to work together.

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