Craving Charlesia Cover Reveal

I’ve been revealing a lot of covers lately, but, confession: I LOVE new covers. There I’ve said it. I love them. I get excited all over again when I’m writing the books to go with the covers when I look at them. When I’m feeling stuck or unsure, I look at the cover. Truth!

Craving Charlesia’s cover is no exception. I’ll begin writing this story next week, and I’m excited to get going with it but, I’ll write about it in more detail as things progress. In the meantime, let me give credit where it’s due on this gorgeous cover.

Cover Photo: Eric McKinney of 612 Photography
I’ve mentioned Eric before and will again. He does a fantastic job with his photos. Authors and readers alike are fans of his work.

Cover Model: BB (I’d give you more information than that, but that’s all I have.)

Cover Design: Stacy Garcia of Graphics by Stacy designed this fantastic cover. Isn’t it amazing? Simply perfection for this series.

A female operative with a point to prove.
A ruthless cop with a case to solve.
And the passion that ignites….

RAPTOR operative Charlesia Sampson is no damsel in distress. Surviving an explosion in the Army gave her more grit than glory, and now, she’ll destroy anyone who tries to hold her back. Dangerous missions are her forte. But when she’s arrested for murder, everything changes.

Arresting Charly was a no brainer for Hunter Stephens. After all, she was hovering over the dead body, covered in blood, and her fingerprints were all over the weapon. But when the truth comes to light, Hunter sees Charly differently. Together, they’re determined to uncover the murderer and find a missing child–all while denying their need for one another.

One thing is certain: the sexy detective is CRAVING CHARLESIA.

Craving Charlesia is up for preorder now! Read FREE in KU.

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