We owe veteran’s everything, so I do what I can

If you follow me at all, you’ll know I support our veterans however I can. It never feels like enough, but I’m trying.

In 2017, I started a not-for-profit organization, Authors4Veterans. I started it with a fellow writer, Stacey Joy Netzel, who is just as passionate as me when it comes to our veterans. Stacey has moved on to other things, but my friend and fellow author, Valerie J. Clarizio, has joined me in this endeavor.

What we do is organize 30 fellow authors to join in our annual campaign. We ask these authors to donate $30, books, swag, and comfort items, along with a special handwritten note to a veteran and their family.

We have zippered canvas bags made with our logo on them and we stuff them with the goodies from the authors plus one author note. These bags are then gathered up and we deliver them to Fisher House Milwaukee. Please take a moment to check out the fantastic work Fisher House does for our veterans and their families.

Fisher House in turn hands these bags out to families checking in for their stay. Sometimes, families must run out of the house quickly to get to the VA Hospital to be with their veterans and don’t have time to pack. Sometimes, they are waiting vigil with their veteran as he or she passes. The various reasons someone must go to the hospital are endless. Our hope with these bags is simply to bring a spark of joy, some comfort in their needs (tooth brushes, toothpaste, socks, hand lotion, chapstick, etc.) while they are with their veterans. And the books help to comfort them or pass the time as they sit at the hospital during surgeries or tests.

The handwritten note, lets each veteran family know someone cares and is thinking of them during this tough time.

I’m proud to announce that while we had to take a hiatus during the pandemic, we are back to work helping in our own special way. Our 2024 campaign is now open. We are currently looking for our 30 very special authors to join us in helping families at the VA Hospital. If you are an author or know one, please forward this email on to them and ask them to fill out this form to be included in this year’s campaign.

2024 Campaign from Authors4Veterans

And by request from many readers, yes, you can help and donate too! Fill out the form for readers here – 2024 Campaign from Authors4Veterans-Readers

Thank you for helping and taking the time to read.

4 thoughts on “We owe veteran’s everything, so I do what I can”

  1. This is a good thing you and others are doing. I remember when I was in th Army and worked at a military hospital during the Vietnam War, it made my heart break when the soldiers who were wounded were sent there. You don’t always have family close and under certain conditions they may not want them there. But that was a different time and civilians were not kind. Any way thanks for all you do.

  2. Patti I love what you are doing for veteran’s, I take care of veteran’s everyday at work in the nursing home, and have a family full of veteran’s from every branch of the service, I thank you for your service of veteran’s,
    Dana Zamora

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