Small-Town Garages

Yes, I’ve spent a fair amount of time this month talking about Sid’s garage. But, I come from a small-town and I have a fair amount of knowledge of small-town life.

I currently live in a small-town too!

Something I remember about the two garages in the small-town I grew up in was, they both knew you brought your car to the other garage. They already knew what was wrong with your car before you brought it in. Because, everyone in town stopped in and talked to the mechanics in the garage. Both of these garages had soda machines and folks would stop in and get a soda and pull up a stack of tires and chat. They watched folks drive by and counted how many times you drove by. Back in my high school days, we drove around looking for our friends. No cells phones to make it easy back then.

If my dad couldn’t fix my car, I had to take it into the garage. No small feat to decide which garage to take it too. I only had to take my car in once, and I chose the garage that could get me in right away. Easy peasy.

Are you from a small-town? What do you remember about your local garage?

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